Checklist for the Students Travelling Abroad

Study-AbroadWhen you plan your study abroad you mainly focus on choosing a right university, making necessary arrangements to get through and finally securing a visa to start your journey to study abroad. However, there are some important things that you must not forget to include in your checklist while travelling abroad.

Once you are done with your packing and are ready to leave; here are some essentials you must be sure to take before leaving. Let’s start with the list of documents to carry:

List of Documents required:
•    Letter of acceptance
•    Letter of enrolment
•    Student ID card
•    Flight tickets
•    Hard and soft copies of pay slips and fee receipts
•    Attested copies of academic certificates
•    Your  rental agreement (if you have already finalized) or other documents indicating where you will be staying
•    Bank statements, salary slips, and other documents as a proof that you have sufficient funds to sustain.
•    Scholarship certificate (if you’ve earned a scholarship)
•    Copies of medical reports and history
•    Certificates confirming you’ve received all the necessary vaccinations
•    Blood group ID (not compulsory, but recommended)
•    Health insurance papers
•    Passport (with copies)
•    Visa (with copies)
•    Residence permit (with copies)
•    Medical fitness certificate
•    Travel insurance
•    Driver’s license and other identification documents
•    International credit card
•    Traveller’s cheque
•    Local currency

Let us help you make your packing easy and simple. Here are a few packing tips: 

1: You can simply roll your clothes to make the best use of space. So you have to avoid neatly packing your clothes. Rolling your clothes can be a lot more space-efficient, so get rolling! And yes don’t forget to pack your socks!

2Study-abroad-B. Try using ziploc bags as they are a great way of protecting other items in case of a leak.

3. Do not forget to pack herbs and spices you will need it the most and label your luggage.

4. Make sure to carry a phrasebook of the local language as it will help you to communicate with the other people and it really works if you are going to a country like Spain, France or Germany.

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