Top 10 Compelling Reasons to Learn the German Language- Part I

1. German is Easy to Acquire

People often think that it is hard to learn the German language! But let us help you to understand that it is actually not that hard to grasp, especially if you are an English speaker. This is critical because German and English have the same Germanic root. You will find a number of closely related and called “cognates”, such as water becoming Wasser and father becoming Vater in German. Unlike Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Russian there is no new alphabet to learn in Germany. Well, if you are really willing to learn German there are more shortcuts. It is just that you have to learn how to study smart rather than study hard.


2. The Language of Inventors and Innovators

Germany, the country of poets and thinkers- Das Land der Dichter und Denker, a large percentage of the world’s most impressive achievements were first conceived in German. Hundreds of Nobel Prizes have gone to Germans for accomplishments in Physics, chemistry, literature, and medicine. Who knows, learning the German language may someday help you to add a Nobel Prize. Perhaps you have slightly lower goals, and are just looking to absorb some of this genius by reading famous publications in their native language; it is a good thing to start.


3. Important in Academics

Germany has a number of award-winning scientists and thus its language is considered really important in the academic community. Germany is the second most commonly used scientific language. This is the reason that the German book market is the third largest in the world, while the Chinese and English publishing industries are ranked first and second in the international book market.


4. Gateway to a World-Class Education

German universities have an excellent reputation in the international market. The country has been the most popular study-abroad destination for international students. The German system for higher education boasts a number of universities with very low or non-existent tuition fees. No wonder! Learning German to save on student debt sounds like a pretty good return on investment that’s why the scholars and researchers are flocking there!


5. An Economic Powerhouse

Germany is the biggest economy within the European Union and the fourth largest worldwide. It is home to numerous international corporations and is on the front line of new technologies. Usually, every German citizen knows at least some English and it is only because Germany has been set up in such a way. However, if you are living in Germany and are communicating with the Germans in their native tongue then it is appreciated everywhere.

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