TOEFL 2019 Format Changes: Length, Timing, Scoring, and Preparation


TOEFL (Test of English as Foreign Language), the most popular and preferred test for the proficiency of the English language, by many universities and companies, is now undergoing a transformation. The enhancements being incorporated are more student-friendly. From August 1, 2019, the improved version of TOEFL will unleash an enhanced user-experience. This article will provide you with a guide to the revised TOEFL exam and how you stand to benefit from this. All queries related to the various parameters of exams, like length and timing, will get resolved through this article.

TOEFL iBT (internet-based test) exam is administered online. It consists of 4 sections, mainly those of reading, speaking, listening and writing.

The TOEFL Syllabus focuses on reading, speaking, listening and writing skills, and tries to evaluate the ability of a non-native English speaker combining all the above skills to communicate effectively. As there is no specific TOEFL exam syllabus, the focus of the test-takers needs to be on improving the above-said skills required to complete the mentioned sections of the test.

Reduced Length of Exam

Compared to the earlier test, the new version is shorter in length. The number of questions in each section has been reduced. This means the reading, speaking and listening sections are going to have fewer questions, making the test shorter and better. At the same time, the TOEFL test-pattern and question-types remain the same as in the older version of the exam. A synopsis of the TOEFL exam details is provided below.


Test Section Task involved No. of Questions
Reading Reading 3 – 4 passages from   texts and answering questions 10 each
Listening Listening to

3 – 4  lectures and

2 – 3 conversations

and answering questions


6 each

5 each

Speaking Speaking on any topic from the Reading and Listening section topics (4 tasks in all)
Writing Independent Task like writing an essay in response to a Writing topic
Integrated Task like reading a short passage and listening to a short lecture. This is followed by writing in response to the contents of reading and listening.

Time Duration

The number of questions has been reduced, which means you can finish the test in a shorter period of time.

Test Section Duration
Reading 54-72 minutes
Listening 41-57 minutes
Speaking 17 minutes
Writing 50 minutes

You can finish your test within a day, unlike the earlier version which used to span over 2 days.

TOEFL Scoring

Each section of the test will be rated against a maximum score of 30, while the entire test will be rated against a maximum score of 120.

The scoring is absolutely fair. The scoring of the speaking section makes use of human evaluators and thus eliminates any sort of bias that could occur in case of a single evaluator conducting the interview on a one-on-one basis.

The latest TOEFL 2019 exam introduces a new feature—MyBest™ scores, which combines the highest scores in each section from all valid TOEFL scores of the student, over the past 2 years. So by default, MyBest™ scores are included with the student’s score of the selected test date.

TOEFL Registration

There are changes in the registration as well in the systems of account-management to ensure enhanced functionality and registration-experience for the test-takers.

The TOEFL exam can be attempted at any of the authorised ETS test-centres situated in 43 different cities within India.

The points to be noted for registration

● Ensure the test-centre availability on your preferred test date.
● Verify the exact TOEFL fees in India to be paid as it is liable to vary without any advance intimation.

Please visit the official website, www.ets.org, for the latest updates on the availability of test-centres and TOEFL exam dates, and the availability of time slots.

TOEFL Preparation

Manya–The Princeton Review helps you tackle TOEFL exams with relative ease. It has come up with 2 offerings to meet your requirements.

● TOEFL Full Package
● TOEFL 1 on 1

TOEFL Full Package is a classroom program, which caters to those who would prefer structured learning in a classroom format. This program also provides the option of weekend-batches for those working. The teacher-student-ratio is very appropriate and conducive for fruitful and interactive teaching.

TOEFL 1 on 1 is designed exclusively for those who need personal attention and for those who prefer flexible timings. Individual tutoring has its own advantages as it is best suited for the learning ability of the student.

Both these offerings have certain common features:

● The faculty designated are CUP certified and are among the best to conduct the program.
● Timely assessments are administered to evaluate the progress of the students and take the appropriate course of action.
● Students are coached to handle test-related practical difficulties and stress.
● The study material provided is Cambridge certified and aims at a systematic and comprehensive approach to tackle TOEFL exams.
● In addition to the regular assessments, there is a series of mock tests or TOEFL practice test online designed to give the students a feel of the real TOEFL exam and helps them practice thoroughly. A thorough analysis of the score with constructive, personalised feedback is provided after the TOEFL sample test. Also, Cambridge English practice sheets are provided to help in evaluating the student’s preparation.

Take advantage of the TOEFL 2019 format changes and get ready for the future with Manya-The Princeton Review!

Do you think these changes affect your preparation in any manner? Share this article to let people know about the new format and let them know your new thoughts on how to prepare for TOEFL. Read more at Manya-The Princeton review.

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