SAT Preparation to Score 1500+


Hello SAT aspirants! We all know that the Covid pandemic has played havoc with those who had been preparing for the May SAT only to see the exams cancelled once again.

But, let’s now use this time and prepare for a score of 1500+! It ain’t IMPOSSIBLE!!

Now some of you have started the course or the preparation for the upcoming SAT(which is scheduled to happen in 2 months) just a fortnight or week back. Believe me, you aren’t trailing behind. You can make it to this royal 1500+ too!

So, now let’s look at some points to keep in mind to reach this mighty score.


Familiarity With the SAT Paper Pattern and the Questions on the Test

Familiarity With the SAT Paper Pattern and the Questions on the Test

The SAT is a 3-hour long test. The two broad categories you are tested on are Math and Verbal.

Section 1 is the Reading Section. It comprises 5 passages on the Topics of US/World Literature(1), History/Social Science(2), and Science(2). There are 52 questions and the time for this section is 65 minutes.

Section 2 is always the Writing and Language section. You are tested with the Proofreader and Editor Types of questions on this section, which comprises 4 passages, with 11 questions under each and the time allotted for this section is 35 minutes for the 44 questions. You are also tested on the usage of punctuation.

Section 3 is a Math section where the use of a calculator is not allowed. You have 20 questions to answer in 25 minutes.

Section 4 is another Math section where a Scientific Calculator is allowed. You have 38 questions to answer in 55 minutes!

As far as SAT syllabus is concerned, SAT tests high school Math & basic Grammar and reading skills.

In the Math sections, you are tested on fundamentals of Algebra, Arithmetic, and Data Analysis type of questions.

All the questions on the SAT are Multiple choice questions with 4 answer choices out of which only 1 is correct.

The Math sections include a few Grid-in questions too.

How does one get familiar with the above? Obviously, he/ she has to take a mock test to understand what the SAT tests and how it tests.

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Join An Online SAT Prep Course

Join an Online SAT Prep Course

To ace the SAT, you need a guide and mentor. SAT Online coaching (at least till the pandemic is under control) is a must. Whether you take up a one-to-one course or go for a batch is completely up to you. But SAT preparation can be at its best when you have a structured online course. You can check out the different course variants we provide at Manya to help with this.

Why is SAT preparation classes necessary?

You may be good at solving questions. You may be one who excels in Grammar or maybe even one who rocks at Reading comprehension questions.
But, the most important question to ask yourself is – How long do you take for 1 question? Do you have the skills to answer accurately within a stipulated time?

It may not be so. Hence, it is recommended that you enroll for SAT online course to learn strategies, techniques, and skills to beat the time per question on the SAT exam.

If you haven’t enrolled yet, this would be an ideal time to do so. Around two and a half months’ time in hand should prepare you well for the August test.


Never Deviate From the Techniques or Strategies Learnt

Never Deviate From the Techniques or Strategies Learnt

During your preparation classes, a lot of techniques and approaches will be taught to you. And every question type will have a distinct way to solve quickly and accurately. Many students learn to get confident of the approach to questions but sadly, try to do it in their way while solving the question halfway thereby falling for the trap answers. So what went amiss here? Your overconfidence led to your doom.

Always practice the questions to master the techniques and approaches. This will ensure that you don’t make careless mistakes. The fewer the errors, the higher the score. Especially, when you are aiming for that 1500+, learn to apply the techniques rather than to surrender to your ego or intelligence.

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Take A Lot of Full-Length Practice Tests

Take A Lot of Full-Length Practice Tests

Your test of endurance in the 3-hour test lies in the number of tests you take during your SAT preparation. Manya The Princeton Review gives you a SAT Test series of 30+ tests to help with SAT preparation! Hence practice as many SAT sample papers as possible in order to maximize the score. The intent is not to maximize the number of tests taken, but to better your performance with every test taken.

Secondly, you get more familiar with the question types in each section of the test and thus can gradually pace the test better. Whereas initially, you weren’t probably able to attempt and give your best to every question, now you know your way out of difficult questions faster and more accurately.

Thirdly, for every subsequent test, set a higher score target, a realistic one though.

Take your tests in such a manner that you get all questions you know absolutely right and take a shot at the harder ones too. Practice the elimination of bad answers. Believe in removing an answer with good enough reason, not by intuition or blithe.

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Test Analysis And Error Logs

Test Analysis and Error Logs

Just taking tests without reviewing your performance is a bad idea. Take your mentor’s help in analyzing the errors in each test, be it on Verbal or Math.

Every error has to be reviewed:

  • Why did the error happen?
  • Was it a careless error?
  • Did you not know the concept or technique behind it?
  • Did you spend a lot of time on it?
  • Did you follow the approach staunchly?
  • Was it a guess?
  • Were the mistakes more on the Verbal or Math?
  • If on the verbal, were more mistakes on Reading or Writing & Language?
  • Similarly, if the mistakes were more on Math, in No-Calculator or calculator?
  • Were any errors made while bubbling the answers on the scantron sheet?
  • Were all questions attempted or were there blanks?

If you can do such an in-depth analysis of each mock test, you will certainly come to know your strengths and focus areas. Accordingly, the practice before the next mock test will contribute to reducing the number of errors.


Balance Pacing And Accuracy

Balance Pacing And Accuracy

Remember, you need not get all questions right to get to the 1500+. So play on your strengths.

To get to a 1500 minimum, for instance, you need to get at least 48 questions right out of 52 on the Reading section. 41 out of 44 on the Writing & Language section. 55 out of 58 on the Math section. Now the above is a combination just to tell you that all questions need not be worked on to make it to the 1500+.

If you are really a wizard on Math, aim for that perfect 800 score, get all 58 right!

You can then do a little compromising on the Verbal right? And this could be vice versa. Maybe you are stronger on the verbal, so aiming for a full score on SAT Writing and Language might be easier than on SAT Reading.

So, targeting the sub scores in a manner that you pace the test well and gain on accuracy is a good strategy to work on to get close to your DREAM 1500+.

The above points considered and pondered on well from THIS MINUTE will certainly help you attain your score of 1500 on the SAT.




Ques.1 Is 2 months enough to prepare well for the SAT exams?

Yes. 2 months is just right to prepare for the SAT. But, you have to make a study plan and work rigorously on a daily basis.

Ques.2 What if the SAT gets cancelled again?

Well, this is a question that cannot be answered at the moment. But surely, things look more promising with the recovery rate of Covid numbers climbing and keeping this trend in mind, it is but unlikely that the SAT get cancelled again.

Ques.3 Is the essay no longer a part of the SAT?

True. After May 2021, College Board has waived off the SAT.

Ques.4 Does the Super score feature apply even now with some tests being cancelled mid-way?

With all due reasons, this feature should still apply. You could check with College Board though to get more information on this.

Ques.5 Will doing the practice tests online help with improving score?

No. Remember, SAT is a paper-pencil test. So every practice test that you take should be downloaded, printed out, and taken as a paper-pencil test.

Ques.6 Is anything less than 1500 really a bad score on the SAT?

Not at all! The score target varies from university to university. So keeping your aspirations on a high of 1500 works better towards getting to esteemed universities.


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