7 Reasons to Study MBA in Canada


Canada is home to millions of international students and is one of the most preferred study abroad destinations. With the world’s top universities you can earn a degree that is globally recognised.

As a developed country, pursuing an MBA in Canada comes with a wide range of opportunities. Canada also offers a diverse environment, a simple immigration process, high-paying job possibilities, and a straightforward road to permanent residency (PR) and citizenship. In all Canada stands out to be the best study abroad destination especially among Indian students. This article will provide you a broad picture of those advantages.


1. Quality of Education

Quality of Education

It’s not always the case that you receive exactly what you pay for. Despite being less expensive than other countries, Canada has some of the best education and living standards in the world. Canada’s and British Columbia’s universities are worldwide renowned for their academic prowess. Academic Rankings of World Universities, QS Research, and Times Higher Education are just a few of the well-known global rankings that contain many of the country’s top universities. Several MBA universities in Canada are also on the list, which is a noteworthy accomplishment.


2. Affordable Education

Affordable Education

The cost of tuition fees is a common financial barrier faced by most of the students who want to study abroad. When compared to other countries Canada, is much more affordable. Tuition fees for MBA courses in Canada, for example, range from $30,000 to $40,000 per year. The universities also provide a variety of scholarships that could help you save money. Hence, MBA in Canada is comparatively less expensive than in the USA and other countries.


3. Multicultural Environment

Multicultural Environment

Canada is known for its multiculturalism. Everyone is warmly welcomed and accepted. Although the Chinese and Indian communities in Vancouver and the surrounding towns are vibrant, many other countries and ethnicities are widely represented throughout the country and city. Canada became the first country in the world to make multiculturalism an official policy in 1971. By doing so, Canada affirmed the worth and dignity of all Canadian citizens, regardless of their ethnic or racial origins, language, or religious affiliation.


4. Learn Business Through a Hands-on Approach

Learn Business through a Hands-On Approach

Your MBA education will blend knowledge with practice if you choose a hands-on approach. And this is important as the corporate environment evolves. It’s also why business schools in major Canadian cities such as Toronto, Vancouver, etc. are housed in modern buildings. These cities are major business hubs and ideal places to look for internships and traineeships. They’re also home to some of the best business schools in the world, according to top MBA rankings. Another important component of full-time MBA programs is specialization. Business colleges in Canada provide a variety of degrees that prepare you for various careers. MBA programs include concentrations in International Business, Finance, Marketing, and International Law, as well as Management Accounting and Marketing.


5. Work and Immigration Opportunities

Work and Immigration Opportunities

If they are enrolled in full-time studies for at least six months, many international students in Canada are permitted to work up to 20 hours per week. Former students can apply for a post-graduate employment visa after graduation. Once schooling is completed, there is also the opportunity of emigrating to Canada. Keep in mind that work permit and immigration rules and regulations are subject to change.

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6. You Will be a Part of the Global Business Network

You Will be a Part of the Global Business Network

Teachers from multinational corporations are hired by business schools in Canada. Some universities have partnered up with well-known brands and corporations that provide internship opportunities. You will be a member of a worldwide network system as an international student pursuing a Business Administration degree. You’ll share your knowledge and experience with colleagues from all across the world. Hence pursuing MBA in Canada has its own perks, along with top-quality education and global business networks you will have an international MBA degree which will help you ahead in your career.


7. Full Value for Your Money

Full Value for Your Money

Paying for your education is a long-term investment. Tuition fees are a significant financial burden for many students when it comes to studying abroad. Studying in Canada ensures that you will get the most out of your money. It’s a chance to improve your professional prospects because degrees from Canadian colleges and business schools are internationally recognized. These MBA colleges in Canada provide both practical and theoretical expertise to help students compete in the employment market. Furthermore, off-campus employment provides students with the opportunity to get significant work experience in the country. So, if you are planning to study in Canada, and having second thoughts because of the financial barriers, then in that case you should not worry much as there are plethora of universities in Canada that provides a wide range of financial aid in the form of scholarships, bursaries, etc. This is an added advantage of pursuing an MBA from Canada.

Now, to wrap it up its world-class colleges are at the centre of the country’s rich and diversified culture. Canada is a country with a high standard of life and many possibilities for you to gain experience in your subject of study. The country will not disappoint students seeking to extend their experiences as a bilingual, safe, and hospitable country. For prospective MBA students, studying in Canada, which is right next door to the United States, is a huge benefit. The Canadian government is working harder than ever to lure more students to the country.

Moreover, World’s best MBA universities and institutions are found in Canada. Those who want to study in the country have a variety of possibilities. Some of it will include:

  • York University’s Schulich School of Business
  • Queen’s School of Business, Queen’s University
  • University of Toronto: Rotman School
  • University of Alberta, Alberta School of Business, and many more.

Besides, you can always go for professional guidance from Study in Canada consultants. They can guide you at every step from profile building to visa services, to interviews. And you can have a hassle-free admission process.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. Is MBA in Canada a good investment?

Universities in Canada offer not only international exposure at a low cost, but they also excel in imparting knowledge. So, certainly, an MBA from Canada is a viable option.

Q2. Which exam is required to pursue MBA in Canada?

Students must demonstrate their English competence in multiple English-based tests, such as the IELTS, TOEFL, and GMAT, in order to pursue an MBA in Canada. For admission to an MBA program, students must have a minimum GPA of 3.0-3.5.

Q3. Is it easy to find a job in Canada after earning an MBA?

As a developed country, Canada provides several options for MBA holders to obtain high-paying jobs. The industries are well-established, and applicants with a Canadian MBA degree are given a lot of preference. As an international degree is always an asset.


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