1 Year MS Program in the USA for Indian Students


The Reason to Study 1-year Masters Programs in the USA

Due to its global dominance, it provides some of the best state-of-the-art systems for education. Thus, students from all over the world prefer or wish to study in the USA, especially to study for 1-year Master’s Programs in the USA. Because it is more active toward getting a good job profile, cost less and duration is short but has credit into the degree.

  1. The 1-year masters program is the shortest duration course compared to the other MS courses. The USA offers more than a million of these types of courses and also got a job with the best package.
  2. In the one-year masters programs in the USA, even though the duration period is short there is still one who can apply for a scholarship in the USA. The average cost will be around $15000 for one year.
  3. STEM courses are always in high demand among international students and Indian students. Because it carries high values and the student may stay at the advantage of the STEM MS in the US.
  4. The spending of the US government is another factor that distinguishes itself from other countries. The annual spending of the US is 2.7% of its GDP. And there is an opportunity that after completing the 1 year MS in US, one can apply for the teacher assistant-ship or research assistant-ship.
  5. The course is divided into the prerequisites, core portions, and electives for each MS subject. It thus increases its popularity by 25-29.5% among International students and Indian students.


Cost of Studying 1-year Masters programs in the USA

The cost of studying 1-year Masters programs in the USA, if someone is pursuing a 1 year masters programs from a public state institution in the USA will be approximately 35L INR. And if from the Private State Institutions it is more than 40L INR, MS in US. Here is the table of expenses on the Cost of Living, below:

Basic Items  Total Average Cost (INR 262406)
Housing  INR 184468 
Food INR 55308
Daily Life INR 8170
Clothing INR 14460

For the application and admission fees will be $2000 approx, Tuition fee $45000 approx, the traveling via air will be around $700 approx, and for the EP English Proficiency Test it’s around $400 approx or less.


Application Process for 1 Year Masters Programs in USA

There are a total of two semesters taken twice an academic year. One in the fall of September batch and the other one in the spring semester of January batch.
Prepare for the well-known EP test or CET, For the English Proficiency test take TOEFL, IELTS, or PTE and for the Common Entrance Test take GRE, SAT, etc. Try to gain the best of the best score and choose the best university according to your GRE, TOEFL, or IELTS academic scores. Decide on a university according to your budget.

After this, there are some documents required at the time of admission and migration like a Statement Of Purpose, EP score, Letter of Recommendation, employed history, and academic transcript.

The List of Documents for the Application Process

  1. SOP
  2. LOR
  3. EP score
  4. Academic Transcripts
  5. Period of Profession letter
  6. A Copy of the GRE or GMAT scores
  7. Affidavit
  8. Financial Statement
  9. Updated CV
  10. 10th and 12th Equivalent Certificates
  11. Copy of Passport
  12. Copies of Extracurricular Certificates


The Eligibility Criteria to Study for One-Year Masters Programs in USA

Generally the eligibility criteria for 1-year masters in the US differ annually due to the increasing popularity of most selected countries in the world. Thus there are some standards that have been set or criteria to take into consideration for admission in 1 year masters programs in the USA or any other courses for MS in USA.

  1. Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university in any relevant field of studies of
  2. A 3 to 4 years
  3. A GPA score of more than 4.0 band
  4. A GRE/GMAT score of above 900
  5. Statement of Purpose
  6. Letter of Recommendation
  7. Published research papers or patent work (if any)
  8. Certificate of various internships
  9. Updated CV with an attached copy of Passport


The Difference Between the One Year MS in USA and Two Year Masters in USA

There are factors that make a difference in both MS programs in the US. Those are Duration, cost, Experience, Living Expenses, and the most popular courses. Let’s discuss the following in detail.

Components One Year Masters Program Two Year Masters Program
Duration  Less than 2 years  Less than 3-4 years
Cost & Tuition Fee Approx INR 40L Approx INR 50L
Experience For 1 year For 2-year 
Living Expenses Less than INR 26L approx INR 262406 L


The only Common factor you will find is the course which is available in the 1-year courses for MS in the USA. Those are as follows:

Popular Courses M.A in Computer Science 

M.E. in Aerospace Engineering 


1 year Masters in Finance

MBA in Financial Management 

Biomedical Engineering 

MBA in Business Analytical 

Ms in Environmental Health Sciences

Biomedical Engineering 

MBA in Financial Management 

Chemical Engineering 

M.E. in Aerospace Engineering 

Mechanical Engineering 

M.A in Cs

MBA in finance

MBA in Business Analytical 

Ms in Environmental Health Sciences


The Top Universities for the 1-year Masters Programs in USA

The best universities for 1-year masters programs in USA are listed below:

  1. CSU-Global Campus
  2. University of North Texas
  3. The University of Miami
  4. Arkansas State University
  5. California State University East Bay
  6. Columbia College
  7. Campbell University
  8. Western Carolina University
  9. The University of Texas of the Permian Basin
  10. Western Carolina University


Top Packages for Included for a Particular Course in Masters in USA:

Specializations/Levels Median Starting Salary
Ecology, Evolution, Systematics, and Population Biology. $72,400
Biology $68,000
Neurobiology and Neurosciences $60,400
Business Administration, Management and Operations $56,500
Electrical Engineering (EE) $87,800
Mechanical Engineering (ME) $77,900
Biomedical Engineering $63,800
English Language and Literature $55,500
History $64,100
Applied Mathematics $92,900
Mathematics $91,700
Mathematics & Statistics $79,500
Philosophy $67,200
Physics $80,800
Psychology $61,500
Economics $82,400
Anthropology $71,000
Sociology $59,500
Political Science and Government $58,200
Music $65,600


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Is one year Ms in the USA or Two year Ms in the USA better?

Depends on a lot of factors, but the most important one which puts influences the choice is the financial factor. Based on this one year, Ms in USA is better than Two years Ms in USA, but on a full-time basis, it’s 2 years program for Ms in USA.


Which Universities Provide 1-year Masters Programs in the USA?

CSU-Global Campus, the University of North Texas, The University of Miami, Arkansas State University, California State University East Bay. Others are Columbia College, Campbell University, Western Carolina University, and The University of Texas of the Permian Basin. Thus, these are Universities that provide 1-year Masters Programs in USA.

Is One-year Masters in the USA valid in India?

That depends on the different circumstances and requirements if the requirements get fulfilled then. But still, the law may vary for the validity of 1 year Ms in USA.

Is One-Year Masters from the USA worth it for Indian students in 2020?

The decision lies in these factors: the college is recognized, the course must be from STEM, and the demand for the course on these three factors. Thus, an Indian student can pursue one-Year Masters from the USA. Hence, yes it is worth it in 2020.

How many MS students from India get a job in the USA?

Finding a job in USA for Indian students post their MS degree has become challenging in recent times more so after the pandemic. However, if one has the right skillsets and resources, Indian students also get absorbed in multinationals in USA. USA visa policy currently favours STEM graduates as it provides them with an opportunity to file for OPT which is a temporary extension of up to 12 months. As the job market in USA is highly competitive, your overall academic performance will matter a great deal in landing you a job in USA after your Master’s degree.

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