Last Minute Tips for Forthcoming ACT

Are you feeling nervous as the ACT test approaches?

There’s often a sense of panic and confusion as D-Day finally arrives, but there’s every reason to stay calm and composed and to get your focus right where it needs to be. We, at Manya -The Princeton Review, are here to help you as we share our best last-minute tips.

Planning for the mission

It is said that an hour of planning is worth ten hours of working. So get a pen and a sheet of paper out and just take a deep breath before you start working out on your schedule for the days left before the ACT test and how long you intend to sharpen your axe every day. Make sure to be realistic, and come up with a schedule that allows you to take a breather after every couple of hours of studying.

Know thy enemy

Even if the ACT test is no mightier than a few innocent sheets of inked paper staring at you in the exam hall, it is always important to know what you should expect. In this context, it is about knowing the pattern of the paper, and the test-duration, and sections, as well as understanding the complete structure of the paper. For this purpose, we have prepared a quick overview of the structure which can be found here.

Prepping up

Now that you have already gathered all possible insights and prepared your schedule for this big day, it’s time to walk the talk and to ensure that your focus is steady and upbeat. You may also take the help of sample papers, and Manya-The Princeton Review believes in giving the best learning to its students. Therefore, it follows the ACT books available on their official website. The study material and practice tests are designed by our expert faculty, making your learning process convenient and effective.

Mistakes are teachers in disguise

There is no such thing as perfection, and mistakes and errors are just the other sides of the coin when it comes to preparation. The best part is that they help you identify what you lack and what needs to be corrected. More than that, it is extremely important to judge how much time you should spend reviewing them. Therefore, if it is clear that there are some areas you really need to focus on and that others can be managed with a small amount of review, the latter might be your best option. Make sure you go through each section and subject area carefully and meticulously.

Confidence: The king of all emotions

It is easy to falter when you lack confidence, and an exam-time tends to be the perfect setup to drain your confidence level. It is essential that you make sure that you convince yourself about the reality of the situation. When it comes to specific sections, consider the fact that you already know how to read well, that there are no special powers required to tackle Mathematics and Science. You are well-equipped to face these subjects when they pop up during the test.

Relaxation, sleep, and laughter

These are the ingredients that help start those little happy hormones and activate you for a test-mode. Understanding the importance of taking deep breaths helps in soothing your stress by allowing it to melt away. Take a moment to visualize a humorous anecdote or your favorite character from that Netflix series, and you will feel far better than you were before. And above all, keep smiling.

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