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How to Send GMAT™ Scores to Business Schools

You have taken the GMATand are confident of a good score. So what now? What comes next in your mind? Of course, it will be your scores. Would it be good enough to get you an offer of acceptance from your dream B-school? “Will they call me?” you wonder aloud. Of course, you are worried and anxious. And there are valid reasons to be.

But, hey you! Wait for a moment. Are you missing out on something? Could you have forgotten something in the face of your anxiety or in the flush of your excitement? Well, you could have.

Has it ever crossed your mind that the B-school can decide about offering you an admission only when they are aware of your GMAT scores? They won’t be even discussing you unless they get to know your scores. Therefore, they need to have your scores before they decide on you.

So how do the B-schools you are applying get to know your scores? The plain and simple answer is: you have to ensure that they have your GMAT scores in time for them to decide about offering you a seat.

You have to send your GMAT scores to the B-schools of your choice.

Therefore, the next big question that might worry you is “How do I send my GMAT scores to the B-schools? The best thing to do to get you out of this worry is to ACT: know some model actions before and after you take the GMAT.

Here are some actions that you should take before you write the examination.

Know About Your Scores Reports

Once you have taken the GMAT, two types of scores reports are generated.

  • Your Unofficial Score Report
  • Available at the test center immediately after you have taken the test.
  • Includes your Quantitative, Verbal, Integrated Reasoning, and Total scores (score based on the Quantitative and Verbal sections)
  • Your Official Score Report
  • Available within twenty days of the exam
  • Includes Quantitative, Verbal, and Integrated Reasoning, Analytical Writing Assessment, and Total scores.
  • Valid for five years

Decide Which B-schools Receive Your Score Report

  • On the day of the test, but before you write the exam, select up to five (5) GMAT-accepting schools of your choice to send your Official Score Report.
  • This is done free of cost and is covered by your GMATTM exam registration fee.
  • Once you have made your selection, you cannot change it.
  • Therefore, be absolutely sure when selecting the schools that you want to receive your GMAT

What happens after you write the exam? You arrange to send the scores to the B-schools. You can send your GMATscores to the B-schools in two ways.

  1. Before you take the GMAT ™.
  2. After you take the test.

Sending GMATScores to Business Schools before taking the test

  • Useful only if you have decided and selected the business schools where you want to send your scores.
  • The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC®), the owner and test administrator of GMATsends your GMATscores to the respective schools electronically or by mail according to the schools you select.
  • GMAC does not charge any additional fee for this service. The service is provided under your GMAT exam registration fees.
  • You can send your scores to the B-schools free only if you have selected the five business schools of your choice and only on the test day after the test is over.
  • If you are not happy with your scores, you can cancel your scores.

Sending GMATScores to Business Schools by Paying Later

  • When you have not selected your business schools of choice on the test day
  • You will have to deliver your test scores to the business schools of your choice by requesting GMAC® to send Additional Scores Report for a fee.
  • If you want to send your official GMATscores to more than five schools
  • You have to order for Additional Scores Reports for a fee.
  • You can order Additional Scores Reports sent to schools by phone, by fax, or by mail.
  • Each Additional Scores Report costs US$35.
  • You will receive a copy of each Additional Scores Report your order.
  • You can also order an Additional Score Report online by logging into your registered GMATaccount and use the Additional Score Reporting Service.
  • If you order a Report by phone, contact GMATCustomer Service of your region. You will be charged an additional service fee of US$10 for ordering by phone.
  • Additional Scores Reports are sent within seven days of your request.

Utilizing the GMATScores Preview Option of Your Unofficial Score Report

The unique GMATfeature of the opportunity to view your unofficial scores immediately after taking the test is actually a great help for you to decide whether you want GMAC® to send your scores to the schools you have selected.

  • You can preview the unofficial scores immediately after taking GMAT.
  • You must decide whether to send your scores to the business schools or cancel them before you leave the test center.
  • You will get TWO minutes to accept or cancel your unofficial score.
  • If you cannot make your choice, your scores will be automatically cancelled.
  • When you accept your scores, you are issued a print-out of your unofficial score report before you leave the test center.

Things You Should Consider After Viewing the GMATScore Preview

  • What are the minimum scores you are ready to accept and report to the business schools of your choice?
  • If you want to cancel your score, think carefully if you have the time to retake the GMAT™.
  • Before cancelling, check out and make sure that you have adequate time to schedule and retake the test as well as have your official scores report sent to your selected business schools.

How to Make Full Use of the GMAT™  Score Preview Option

  • Get yourself ready to make this decision quickly before you take the test.
  • Set yourself a minimum target score to help you take your decision to cancel within the stipulated two minutes.
  • Business schools vary. While some business schools prefer to know the scores of each and every GMAT you have taken, others love to consider only your best scores.
  • Research the preference of your target schools.

Cancelling Your Scores

  • If you cancel your scores at the test center on the test day, GMAC® does not charge you any fees.
  • You can choose to cancel online your accepted scores at the test center up to seventy-two hours after you have taken the test. However, if you have ordered an Additional Score Report within the seventy-two hours cancellation window, you will be unable to cancel your scores online.
  • If you cancel your score after you leave the test center, you will be charged US$25.
  • You can cancel your scores by logging into your registered GMAT account, which may take up to twenty-four hours to take effect depending on the location of the test center.
  • You can reinstate your cancelled scores up to four years and eleven months from the test date.

When You Cancel Your Scores

  • GMAC® will not send your scores to any of the schools that you selected before taking the test.
  • You will not receive a print-out of your unofficial scores at the test center.
  • You will be unable to access your Official Scores Report.
  • You have to wait sixteen (16) calendar days to retake the test.

Before you send your scores to the business schools, I would suggest that you familiarize yourself with GMATscores and Score Reports. By understanding the different scores in your report will help you understand your performance in the test.

By Shantanu Sengupta, Senior Editor


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