Step by Step Guide to Open a German Blocked Account


If you are planning to study in Germany anytime soon, you need to know about the blocked account; it is a mandatory requirement you need to fulfil as an international student. As per the rules and regulations of Germany, international students are required to open a blocked account and deposit sufficient credit to showcase the evidence during the student visa application process that they have sufficient financial resources to pursue their education in Germany.


1.What is a Blocked Account?
2.How a Blocked Account in Germany can be opened?
3.Can you Study in Germany without a Blocked Account?
4.What is the Germany Blocked Account Amount for 2022?
5.Who are German Blocked Account Providers?
6.What are the Prerequisites for a Block Account Provider?
7.How to Transfer Money to the Blocked Account in Germany?
8.How can the Money be Transferred to Your Blocked Account in Germany?
9.How can a Student Withdraw Money from the Blocked Account?


What is a Blocked Account?

A blocked account means the student cannot access the account until he/she enters Germany for pursuing higher education. Through this account, a student can cover his/her costs arising during the stay in Germany including travel pass, accommodation, food, etc. This type of account is blocked and there is only a specified amount that can be withdrawn per month, should the need arise. It is an essential component of the visa application.


How a Blocked Account in Germany can be opened?

Before you open a blocked account, you need to choose a provider/bank that offers blocked accounts for international students in Germany. Once you have shortlisted the provider/bank, please adhere to the following steps to open the account.

  • Get your valid/original passport
  • Complete your application form/fill in all the relevant details
  • Submit the Offer Letter from the University and the recent Bank Statement
  • Gather all necessary documents and fix an appointment with the German Embassy
  • The Embassy will carry out all legal formalities and send them to the bank for further processing
  • The Bank will send you a confirmation mail with the details of your blocked account
  • You will be required to deposit the required money and the bank’s initial fees
  • Lastly, the bank will confirm the balance of your account


Can you Study in Germany without a Blocked Account?

Though the Blocked Account is the most common method for international students to prove they have sufficient funds to study in Germany, there are other alternatives as well. You can do so by submitting any one of the following documents:

  • Document certifying your parents’ income and financial status
  • Scholarship Certificate from a Recognised scholarship provider
  • Guarantee from a bank
  • Letter of Commitment by a relative/friend who is a permanent resident of Germany, who can guarantee that he/she will take full responsibility for your expenses during your time as an international student in Germany

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What is the Germany Blocked Account Amount for 2022?

A student needs to deposit €11,208as the annual requirement into the German blocked account while applying for a student visa to Germany. It has been applicable since 1stNovember 2022. Having the above amount in the German blocked account will prove that the student is financially capable of getting a visa and studying in Germany

  • The amount must be as per the standards of BAföG, a state providing funds for students in Germany. Since it can vary sometimes, you need to check with your Embassy/Consulate in advance
  • Students must remember that the required monthly amount is the maximum amount that they can withdraw or transfer within a defined period
  • Students are also supposed to submit health insurance. Applicants can also check out packages consisting of both a blocked amount and health insurance by the providers


Who are German Blocked Account Providers?

To obtain a student visa for Germany as soon as possible, you need a blocked account to get your application approved. For that, you can contact the blocked account providers authorized by the German Federal Foreign Office and who comply with the requirements of the Federal Ministry of the Interior. Earlier, the process of opening a Blocked Account in Germany used to be time-consuming. However, with the help of the latest technology and digital providers, the same task has been simplified and can be done in the least time.

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What are the Prerequisites for a Block Account Provider?

  • The blocked account providers must be authorized. They will have to be verified by the Federal Foreign Office and must have a license to provide services
  • Another important point to remember is that it should be opened with a bank that is allowed to provide banking services in Germany. Hence, to avoid fraud or any other future troubles, the student must perform all the necessary examinations, double-check with the authorities and then select his/her provider. With the support of digital media, forms to open the blocked account can be submitted online in various currencies. In case of visa rejection, the providers will refund your money in a week; they will transfer all deposited funds plus associated fees.

Some of the known Blocked Account Providers are:

  • Expatrio
  • Coracle
  • Fintiba


How to Transfer Money to the Blocked Account in Germany?

The first/foremost step you need to go take when opening your German blocked account is to deposit the required money. The moment the money is transferred into your account in Germany, you will receive a confirmation that your blocked account has been opened with the deposited amount.

Before making any transfer decisions, you must have the correct information if the funds are to be sent to a blocked account in Germany. In the beginning, one desires an option that is simple, efficient, as well as budget – friendly. The power to send and receive money has improved since earlier periods, and there are now additional options besides banks for international money transfers.


How can the Money be Transferred to oYur Blocked Account in Germany?

  • Students can do International Bank transfers online or personally. This method is on the pricier side but the students need to make sure that all expenses are covered with the deposited amount. If they fail to do so, they will not receive their account information letter. To do an international bank transfer, you must provide the following information:
  1. Recipients’ name, address, and account type
  2. Recipients’ bank name and address
  3. Recipients’ Bank BIC/Swift code
  4. Recipients’ account number or International bank account number (IBAN)
  • Money Transfer Companies – This method of money transfer is relatively cheaper; some of the companies that aid this process are as follows- Wise, Western Bank, MoneyGram, and PayPal. These providers charge lesser fees and furnish more options related to exchange rates in comparison to banks


How can a Student withdraw Money from the Blocked Account?

Once you get settled at the registered address in Germany, you are eligible to withdraw money from your blocked account. Also, you will not have direct access to your blocked account in Germany, and hence, it is suggested to withdraw money after opening an international student bank account. Your money will be transferred to this account every month from your blocked account. As per current rules, you can withdraw a maximum of €934/month. However, if you have deposited more money than the required amount, you can withdraw more.

To conclude, you need to have a blocked account to prove to the German government that you are capable of covering your expenses while staying in the country. You don’t have to prove the source of Money. Once you transfer the money, you will get a confirmation letter. After you reach Germany and confirm your registered address, you will be able to withdraw the amount. To register your address in Germany, you can go to the Resident’s Office Registration. The bank will need your address to send details of your blocked account.


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How can I open a block account for studying in Germany from India?

As of October 2022, the annual requirement that must be paid into the blocked account when applying for a visa is 11,208 euros w.e.f 1st January 2023. The student must ensure that they choose a provider that is approved by the German Federal Foreign Office.Most providers offer blocked account and health insurance bundles for carefree preparation.

Deutsche Bank no longer offers blocked account services. Instead ICICI Bank is approved Indian Bank for the same.The stduent should download and fill the form, deposit funds and receive blocking confirmation

What happens to my blocked account if my German student visa application is rejected?

In that case, you will get a refund. You will be required to contact the blocked account provider/German consulate in your home country to know what should be submitted to get your money back. Note, the transfer fee is not refundable.

Can I deposit more than the minimum amount, i.e. €11,208?

Yes, you can. This is only the minimum requirement to apply for your student visa.

Do I need to submit any administrative fee to open an account?

Yes, you will be charged an initial fee by the blocked bank account provider.

Do I need to pay a fee for maintaining my blocked account?

Yes, you will be charged a low monthly fee.

Can I fasten the process of opening the account?

No, you can’t since the bank cannot proceed faster with your application.

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