How to choose the right B-School

Every student aspiring to study abroad prefers to be a part of a premium university but how to select the right school is the million-dollar question. With around 400+ business schools in the US alone and about more than 5,000 across the globe, choosing the most suitable one is an onerous task. The desire coupled with excitement, the time factor, financial aspects and lack of proper research can end you up in a quagmire, though no one willingly takes up a wrong decision. Here, we discuss certain points that might bolster your determination of choosing the right B-school.

Rankings and GMAT Score

To check out the school ranking is one of the most basic and primary things that most students do while selecting the school. The majority of the education portals and magazines regularly update the rankings based on various factors. The rankings for different departments in a school can be diverse based on the syllabus and the teaching style which you need to be extra careful about. Once you are familiar with the ranking, you need to compare the school of your choice with your GMAT score and ensure that you are an ideal fit for the program. In case of any query related to the same, you can connect with an expert study abroad advisor for guidance.


The location of the B-school is another big factor that you need to consider as it plays a prominent role in placements. For example, a student studying at an institute in San Francisco or Toronto will be able to obtain more practical exposure in comparison to a student from a small town B-School. The opportunities to undergo internships, industry visits and training are higher for students in big cities. Apart from that, the student will also get opportunities to enjoy a premium lifestyle, enabling him/her to get accustomed to new cultures.

Quality of Education

To pursue a master’s in business management is a life-changing experience and your future depends on the program that you studied. Hence, the quality of education is of utmost importance while considering a B-School. Though there are thousands of B-Schools, the quality need not be the same. While speaking about quality, I mean the curriculum, panel of faculties, infrastructure, approach towards education and options for job placements. Let us begin with the curriculum. Before joining the school, you need to understand the curriculum the institute follows and need to compare it with other business schools. There are chances that the curriculum is not up to the mark or updated with time, ending up you joining a wrong B-School. Similarly, you can also go through the list of faculties in the department you are opting for and what their contributions are in the particular field. Studying under prominent faculties will enhance your knowledge and will help you obtain decent jobs post-education.

Speaking about the infrastructure, do not blindly believe that all B-Schools abroad are paradises of education. You need to thoroughly research on this part through various sources like the internet, education magazines and can also take the help of alumni. The best option here will be to seek the assistance of the education experts as they have years of experience dealing with the most prominent business schools abroad.

The basic idea of studying abroad is to avail of international exposure. And what if the B-school is full of Indian students? Holy God! The whole purpose of catching a flight abroad has failed. I am not bragging; there are certain business schools where a majority of students are from India or South Asia, defeating the whole idea of studying abroad. Hence, to get yourself saved from this situation, you need to ensure that a significant part of the student community is from abroad. The more the number of international students, the more will be your exposure. This will help you exchange ideas; know more about different cultures and business etiquettes, ultimately helping you in your future profession.

Cost Factor

How much are you willing to shell out for an MBA? This is an important question that you need to answer before deciding upon a B-School. The amount that you cough up includes not just course fees but also include living expenses. Hence, you need to ensure that the entire cost fits into your pocket for a smooth sail through the two years. Certain business schools offer scholarships which cover the entire course fees and it would be ideal to have a clear picture of the procedures before finalizing the school. For this again, the assistance from an education expert is recommended.

Hope now you are aware of the basic points that you need to keep in mind while selecting the B-school abroad. Now, go ahead and grab the degree from the best institute to accomplish your dreams.

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