How to Apply for a Student Visa for Netherlands


The Netherlands is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and its beauty, combined with its high-quality education and low tuition prices, makes it an increasingly appealing option for students looking to study abroad. The Netherlands is one of those locations you’d never want to leave, and the good news is that you have the option to stay because it has very reasonable housing and even allows you to apply for permanent residency, which is a huge benefit for students who wish to study there. Hundreds of students visit the Netherlands each year to enjoy the beautiful beauty and obtain the best education the country has to offer. Another fantastic point is that you will not need to learn a foreign language because Dutch people speak English as their first language and you will be able to navigate and integrate in without difficulty. So in order to go and actually study in Netherlands students first have to apply for a student visa. When you are accepted in a Dutch University you can apply for a visa by attaching the acceptance letter you received from the university. If you have any doubt with the Visa application process for Netherlands this blog will clear your doubts right away.


Process of Applying for a Student Visa for Netherlands

Process For Applying For A Student Visa For Netherlands

  • A Provincial Residence Permit, also known as Machtiging tot Voorlopig Verblijf, is required (MVV). The permission to enter the Netherlands is also known as this. The host university applies for the MVV on the student’s behalf. their course.
  • The MVV allows for a six-month stay in the nation. A simple MVV will not enough for most university courses, which last between one and four years. As a result, VVR was born.
  • You must apply for VVR or a Residence Permit once you have entered the country. The host university also applies for the VVR. VVR is only allowed for educational reasons and is only valid for the duration of the program in which the student is enrolled. It stays valid given the student scores 50% of credit throughout their course.


Requirements for Student Visa for Netherlands

Requirements For Student Visa For Netherlands

In order to get your visa application accepted there are some documents that must be complete and should be submitted.

  • Passport
  • Financial records
  • Acceptance letter from university
  • Health insurance
  • Proof of payment of legal fees
  • Two Photographs
  • Birth Certificate
  • Biometric Information

Insurance Requirements

Insurance Requirements

Students must have adequate health insurance to cover their medical expenditures in the Netherlands if necessary, as part of their student visa requirements in the Netherlands. Non-EU, non-EEA, and Swiss students should be able to use their EU Health Insurance Card. The Dutch basic healthcare insurance is required for everybody working in the Netherlands. If you want to work part-time during your degree, keep this in mind. Students should inquire about health insurance requirements and a referral to an insurance firm from their host university. Many private companies now offer student-specific insurance packages.


Working While Pursuing your Degree in Netherlands

Working While Pursuing your Degree In Netherlands

Depending on your country, you may require a work permit if you intend to work while studying in the Netherlands.
Citizens of the EU/EEA, Switzerland, and Japan are not required to get a work permit and are not limited in the number of hours they can work. Citizens of other countries will require a work visa, which may only be obtained through their employer or an employment agency. During the summer months, international students are only permitted to work up to 10 hours a week or full-time. You must also have a Burger Service Number, often known as a “citizen service number,” in order to be paid. When you register with the local municipality, you will be given this number. You are required to file and pay income tax even if you are a student. If you are on a scholarship, keep in mind that in some situations, even a scholarship is considered income and so subject to taxation.

Types For Short Period of Study: Schengen Visa;

For Full-time Programs: Entry and Temporary Residence Permit

Acceptance Rate 99%
Application Fees 172 EUR
Processing Duration 60 to 90 days
Validity Entry Permit (mvv): 3 months;

(Temporary Residence Permit vrv): Study Period + 3 months


Top Universities in Netherlands

Top Universities In Netherlands

Some top universities in Netherlands are:

  • University Of Amsterdam
  • Utrecht University
  • Delft University Of Technology
  • University Of Groningen
  • Leiden University
  • Wageningen University And Research
  • Erasmus University Rotterdam
  • Maastricht University
  • Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
  • Eindhoven University Of Technology


Frequently Asked Questions


Ques 1. Is English spoken in the Netherlands?

Yes, the Dutch are fluent in English.

Ques 2. Can a student qualify for permanent residency after graduation?

Yes, you can apply for permanent residency in the Netherlands through the Dutch government.

Ques 3. How good is schooling in the Netherlands?

Yes, the Netherlands has some of the best and highest-quality education in the world, with several of its universities rating highly in international rankings.


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