GRE Exam Eligibility Criteria 2022

What is GRE?

The Graduate Record Examination, abbreviated as GRE, is perhaps the largest assessment taken by graduate aspirants across the world to pursue higher academic study in the USA, Germany, Canada, New Zealand, and Singapore. More than 160 countries have over 1,000 centers where the GRE examination is held; the GRE scores are accepted to qualify for a wide range of masters and doctoral programs. GRE also enables one to achieve scholarship based on merit. Not only do thousands of graduate schools accept the GRE, but also, contrary to popular belief, many reputable business and law schools also have the GRE requirement.

The GRE examination can be categorized into:

• GRE General Test
• GRE Subject Test

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GRE General Test:

Students willing to get admitted in MS courses with specialized domains, in countries such as USA, Canada, Germany, etc., take the GRE General Test. The evaluation sections of the General Test include quantitative ability, verbal reasoning skills, and analytical writing skills. Students can take this test at their convenience as the test is conducted multiple times in a year.

GRE Subject Test:

The subject test assesses the knowledge of a student in a specific domain; the specializations included are English Literature, Mathematics, Psychology, Physics, Chemistry, Biochemistry (Cell and Molecular Biology) and Biology. The test can only be taken in paper-delivered format and is conducted in the months of April, September, and October every year.

GRE Exam Eligibility Criteria – 2022

There is no age or qualification bar for taking the GRE. The only document the examinee needs as an identification proof is an original passport. Make sure that you have a valid passport prior to the registration of the GRE Examination.

Registration for GRE

GRE registration can be done online or via phone, mail or fax.
• Create an ETS (Educational Testing Services) account
• Choose the examination option (General or Subject)
• Look for the nearest test center and select the examination date
• Provide the academic details
• Pay the GRE registration fee of 205 dollars

How to Register for GRE Exam

You can call the number 91-124-4147700, which belongs to the Prometric GRE Regional Centre (RRC) located in Gurgaon, Haryana, at least two working days prior to the preferred date on which you want to take the exam. After the successful telephonic reservation, RRC will provide you with the reporting time, a confirmation number and the test center address. The online payment can be done via Visa Credit or Debit Card, Master Card, JCB, or American Express.

In India, you can find a GRE center in almost any popular location, namely Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Gwalior, Gurgaon, Indore, Gandhinagar, Pune, Vadodara, Patna and many more.

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Things to Remember

• Information provided on the ETS application must match with the passport details; the GRE examination authority has the right to disqualify a student from taking the test in case of any discrepancy
• Before registering, please confirm the test format and if you are comfortable with the same
• Go through the terms and policies properly before taking the exam; in case the guidelines are not followed properly the entire registration fee can be fortified
• Rescheduling/Cancellation: In order to reschedule or cancel the GRE registration, you need to inform at least four days before the scheduled date.

GRE Examination Fee

• Registration fee for General Test: $205 (14,322 INR)
• Registration fee for Subject Test: $150 (10,480 INR)
• Late fee for Registration: $25 (1,714 INR)
• Fee for changing the test centre: $50 (3,248 INR)
• Rescheduling fee: $53.90 (3,695 INR) – For China; $50 (3,428 INR) – For rest of the world

GRE Test Dates

Similar to any other international exams, the GRE examination too, does not have any fixed date; you should choose a date, which comes at least a couple of months before the application deadline. You are suggested to choose a date not less than two months prior to the deadline because in case you need to retake the exam you should have an adequate window for that. Also, you are expected to be quite judicious with choosing the right time to commence your preparation.

Do You Know?

Globally, the number of women taking the GRE General Test is more than men; while the former constitutes 53% of the total examinees, the latter constitutes only 47%.

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  1. The date of GRE exam should be booked carefully as it happens often that many centers remain all booked up for weeks. Also, whether to give the exam in morning or evening, should also be a factor in decision making process.

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