Emerging and Fastest Growing Industries in Australia

In order to catapult their career in the right direction, students seeking overseas education search for an ideal destination to pursue their chosen course. Most students consider doing jobs for two years in that country and garnering international job experience before returning to their own. In this context, Australia seems to be the ideal location for study abroad aspirants, as it gives the right opportunities to university graduates as well as experienced professionals pursuing overseas education.

Before applying for a degree abroad, you should have a clear idea about the growing industries and the job opportunities in that country. Just after the completion of a degree course, you need to focus on internship opportunities. Considering that our article is focused on knowing about these in the context of Australia, let us explore this further.

The following list gives an analysis of the emerging and fast-growing industries in Australia: 

Mining, Resources & Energy

It is widely known that this industry is burgeoning in Australia and it offers a lot of opportunities to university graduates. This sector offers jobs in the fields of Mining Operations, Engineering and Maintenance, Mining and Processing, Mining and Management, Power Generation and Distribution, and Reporting/Analysis. The sector experienced drastic growth in 2019 and this was especially evident for Engineering and Maintenance (22.4%), Operations (18.2%), and Drill & Blast (4.1%) departments. These percentages signify their relative growth from 2017 to 2022, which clearly showcases the immense opportunities this sector is likely to create in the job market. 

Health Care Sector

Australia is surging with opportunities in the Health Care sector. Hence, we can consider this to be one of the booming industries which also gives more opportunities to female professionals such as registered nurses and ambulatory health care technicians. Besides, fields such as physiotherapy, psychology, counseling, general practitioners, medical administrators, and pharmacy have created several well-paid openings which attract international students to this sector. Recently, it has been observed that many people of Indian origin are heading toward Australia for bagging such opportunities.


It still happens to be one of the favorite destinations of study/work abroad aspirants. You can get boundless opportunities in fields such as petroleum, coal, machinery, and furniture manufacturing in Australia.

Other Engineering jobs

Every sector offers a high salary to the engineers (Source: Glassdoor) and consequently, engineers can confidently look for jobs in different core sectors such as civil, electronics, logistics, manufacturing, and so on. Hence, structural engineers, project engineers, environment engineers, and system engineers can get a job of their choice and choose from the various opportunities which are emerging from different sectors.

Science and Technology

Scientists are relocating to Australia because of the great infrastructure and labs (as in CSIRO, ALS Global) where they get the inspiration to work on new research. Different sectors such as local food and beverage, biomedical, geoscience, quality assurance, and biotechnology have so many requirements for engineers. Civil Engineers are in high demand because there is a surge of infrastructural projects in Melbourne and Sidney. 

Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Automation is seen all around Australia and Artificial Intelligence is already replacing the workforce. Since the country will be mainly operating through robots by as early as 2030, (Source: Business Report by Nassim Khadem), they need engineers who know Machine Learning and can support such automation. Students who have learned AI, Machine Learning, or Robotics can get lucrative jobs in the country. Hence, Australia is an enthralling destination for Indian students, particularly engineers who look forward to going and completing their engineering education in this country.

Given these opportunities in Australia, the country thrives with prospects and encourages Indian students to pack their bags and fly. Once they earn a few years of experience in Australia, they could either settle down or return to India for greater jobs. Hence, MS or MBA aspirants can think of Australia as their likely study destination and plan their studies accordingly, after which they can positively get hold of a job. A lot many opportunities are there ahead which could change your life forever and Australia is the country that can gift you a new life with an improved living standard.

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