5 Crucial Tips to Study at the Harvard University

Harvard Business School, the name is a dream for students all over the world. Earning a degree at this prestigious Ivy League school is considered a guarantee of success. But only a handful of students are chosen every year for the business program. To be one of them needs continuous efforts during your undergraduate courses.

Before you start dreaming of a Harvard Business School MBA, it is crucial to plan your preparation strategy. Most students start preparing and building their resumes as early as high school. If you missed out, don’t worry, undergraduate courses are a great platform for students to create a good resume.


5 Crucial Tips to Read and Practice

1. Start Early

Plan your undergraduate course in a way that it leads you to your Harvard dream. Subjects you take, projects you do, seminars you attend: everything counts. If you are aiming for an MBA at Harvard Business School, your undergraduate medical degree is not going to help your application. Take subjects that tactically support your dream.

Harvard also looks for a unique selling point aka what makes you stand out. Most of the students that apply for Harvard Business School have a great application where they have good grades and recommendations, so why should they look into yours? What experiences in your academic and personal life have taught you to rise above a problem?

Start thinking.


2. GPA & Recommendations

Once you have selected the correct subjects and elective courses, the next step is to hustle. Study hard. Do your best and keep a minimum of 3.7 out of 5.0 GPA. Sounds tough? Harvard is the second most selective school in the US. If your school awards percentages, keep it above 80% in all semesters.

Letters of recommendation play a vital role in the admission process as well. The people you choose for the recommendation of your application may be asked to rank you as a person or prospective student. Who you choose for these letters and what they say about you are of importance to Harvard. Start choosing your mentors early.

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3. GMAT Scores

GMAT is a wonderful way to get into Harvard Business School. Especially for international students who might not have prepared from high school, but now dream to be at Harvard. This is where analytical and critical aptitude is tested.

The average GMAT score for Harvard Business School is 729. Anyone who has scored between 730-750 stands a good chance of being considered. If you have scored below that and Harvard Business School is your ultimate choice, you are advised to take the GMAT test again.


4. Essay for the win:

One piece of paper that gives you a fresh chance at meeting Harvard Business School eligibility criteria is the essay. Your essay should speak of your experiences, your goal, and your plan to reach the goal.

Now, remember, the essay cannot be all about you. Harvard is in the business of creating world leaders, they do not like a self-focused application. Be sure to highlight all your accomplishments, but how do you wish to use them to bring a positive change in the world? That is the question.


5. Work Experience

Work experience is important for a Harvard application. How important?

On average, a Harvard applicant has 4 years of post-college work experience. If you have a great organization in the resume, that’s wonderful, if you don’t, don’t fret.

The admissions committee is looking for people who have had experience in the real world, even if it is with small organizations. Make your case in terms of learning and experience at these organizations and you will shine bright.


How Hard is it to Get into Harvard Business School?


Truth be told, Harvard is a really competitive school. It has after all produced multiple American presidents and many other world leaders. The mission of Harvard Business School’s admission committee is to keep that quality of alumnus sparkling.

If you want Harvard Business School, you will be checked for all signs of potential greatness. Your undergraduate course experience can make and break it for you. So it’s crucial for you to put your best foot forward while pursuing your undergraduate degree. It should align with your goal, should prove hard work, and should help in accelerating your application.

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Languages Required


Now you may ask- ‘Which language is required to study at Harvard Business School?’

English is a must. Since the medium of instruction at Harvard for most courses is English, it is important to have a working knowledge of English. (International students will have to submit a TOEFL score or an equivalent)

To sum it up, focused work started during high school or undergraduate school, varied life experiences, English language proficiency, unique essays, GMAT scores, and letters of recommendation are a few factors that make you a Harvard alumnus.

For Indian and other international students, it is advised to get help from a professional institute like Manya that helps in completing the admission procedures.

Get higher GMAT scores by preparing with help from experienced mentors.

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