Do Colleges Look at Your Social Media Accounts?

According to a recent report published on TIME, Harvard revoked acceptance of at least ten incoming applicants. As social-media-marketingpublished in the university’s student newspaper, Harvard Crimson, the students had their acceptances rescinded when found accused of sending lewd memes in a group chat on Facebook. Social media platforms, whether it is Facebook, Tumblr or Instagram, should be considered seriously because it is a public forum. Whatever thought or ideas you post, depict your personality and gives the others an opportunity to judge you as an individual.

Therefore, keeping this recent incident in mind here are some tips to consider while maintaining your social media account.

113If you are an aspirant student, here are your social media tips:

1. The Name Fame

Be selective while choosing the profile name for your email address or account username. A username or the email is a key identifier and creates the first impression on the reader. It should be neat, simple and professional.

2. Updating privacy settings

Try updating your privacy settings regularly and keep a check on who can see your comments and updates. Checking the groups which you have joined once is also a good option as it will help you to keep a health check of your account.

3. Curate your online photo libraries

It is always said that a picture speaks more than the words, therefore be sensitive towards your images. Remember images-that whatever picture you upload will be seen by a wide audience which will create an impact on them about your personality. Check the photos that you have uploaded and also the ones in which you are tagged by your friends.

4. Search your name

It is advised to search for your name on Google and see the results post your search. The Google search may show up results based on comments that you have made or photographs you are tagged in.

Social media has become an important factor in college admissions, and it’s more imperative than ever for applicants to make sound decisions. So be conscious of what you put out there. … and when in doubt, leave it out.

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