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Eligibility Criteria for GRE

There is no specific age limit for taking the GRE. Neither is there an academic eligibility criterion for taking the test. GRE-TESTStudents can register for the test irrespective of age and qualifications. Any prospective graduate, doctoral or business school applicant, who wishes to pursue his education abroad, can take the GRE. However in order to seek admission into a grad school, one has to possess an undergrad degree from a recognized university, a GRE score, letters of recommendation and essays. GRE scores play a crucial role in obtaining the on-campus fellowships too.

GRE-1The GRE exam provides a common measure for comparing candidates’ qualifications as applicants come from different educational backgrounds. GRE tests a student’s verbal, quantitative and analytical writing skills and this attributes to a test score that universities across the globe consider one of the parameters for admissions.

In order to take the GRE, a student should carry a proof of identity. In India, it is the original valid passport that clearly shows the full name, photograph, and signature of the student. NO other proof of identity is accepted to take this test.

If the name on the ID does not match the name on the registration, then one will not be permitted to take the test abcand the test fee will be forfeited.

Although there are no specific eligibility criteria to take the GRE, the Universities may lay down their own eligibility criteria such as minimum age, work experience, educational qualification etc. depending on the program a student wishes to pursue.

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