ACT or New SAT?

Let the Princeton Review StartUp Test help you decide

If you have heard about the SAT, it’s very likely that you have heard about the ACT as well. Both are standardized tests taken by undergraduate students for admissions to colleges abroad. Most colleges do not have a declared preference for either the SAT or the ACT. Hence the obvious question, which test should you take?

At Manya-The Princeton Review, we have a ready tool to help you decide! The Prtinceton Review StartUp test! The StartUp Test is a tool designed to help you determine which test is a better fit with your abilities. The test gives you a taste of the two exams and produces a report that shows how you did on different types of questions.

The SAT and the ACT used to be very different, but, after the 2016 changes, the New SAT is more like the ACT. But they are still quite different, though the differences between the two are more subtle than they used to be. Here are some key differences between the two.

For many students, either test would suit equally well. However, many other students will find that either the New SAT or the ACT is clearly a better choice.


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