The £300 Million UK Science Plan Aims to Extend Three-Year Visas for PhD Graduates

After the speech of Boris Johnson in which he talked about the gap between innovation and application, the UK reveals a new Research and Development Roadmap in order to promote research and attract the best researchers across the globe. Under this, an investment of £300 million will be made to upgrade scientific infrastructure, extend three-years post-study work visas for Ph.D. graduates and also establish an “Office for Talent”.

While revealing the manifold plan, the government announces to introduce a new Innovation and Expert Group which will extend support to the research works, from its ideation to the process of product development. Also, the UK wishes to strike a deal with the European Union (EU) on participating in the Horizon Europe framework programme, however, if failed to do so, the government committed to meeting any funding shortfalls and putting in place alternative schemes to support vital UK research.

Also, the plan allows international students to complete a Ph.D. from summer 2021 to stay for three years in the UK as opposed to the current situation which permits them an extension of only 12 months.

The UK government also plans to lift the study time limits for students at the postgraduate level, providing students with the opportunity to make as well as switch their visa applications to any other type of visa from within the country.

In addition, the government aims to revise the current immigration rules ensuring excellent immigration customer service in order to simplify the immigration process for international students. The global talent scheme aimed to expedite visa applications for international researchers also welcomes skilled researchers without a job offer to come to the UK.

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