Over 90% applicants are positive about their study abroad dreams, despite the COVID crisis

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic and a nation-wide lockdown, one would ipso facto assume that various students’ dream to study abroad would be tarnished. However, that is not the case. Various surveys have led to one single fact – a large percentage of Indian students are not giving up on their dreams, just yet.

Around 76% Indian students are estimated to go ahead with their applications in the next six to eight months. However, the cumulative safety measures taken up by almost all international universities have catapulted the percentage to over 90%.

International universities have come up with proactive safety measures, such as moving all lectures online and launching 24×7 student support. The universities are ensuring that regular health measures, as directed by the Health Services and the WHO, are being followed on campus.

Another noteworthy measure taken up by universities, considering the local IELTS/TOEFL/PTE centres being closed due to the lockdown, is providing pre-sessional online English courses to students who need to show a proof of English language proficiency to join their intended programme.

Source: India Today

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