German Universities Welcome Record Number of Indian Students

Indian student numbers in Germany continue to be on the rise. The recent figures released by the Federal Statistical Office of Germany mention that the number of Indian students in Germany has grown by 20.85% over the last year and specifically stands at 25,149 (Winter Semester 2019-20).

The total number of international students in Germany has increased by 4.3% reaching 411,601.

According to the DAAD, the rate of growth in the number of Indians studying in Germany is almost five times that of the global average. Which all together, makes Indians the second-largest national group of international students registered at German universities.

The bifurcation of the Universities with respect to Indian students is –

  • 63 percent chose universities or technical universities (TU)
  • 37 percent enrolled themselves at universities of applied sciences (FH)

In spite that experts have predicted a drop in the number of international students enrolling abroad due to the Covid-19 pandemic, DAAD claims that the interest of international students for Germany in 2020 remains unbroken.

Study in Germany

The number of male & female Indian students studying at German universities has been –

  • 6 percent of male students
  • 4 percent of female students

According to recent figures released by the uni-assist, and (DAAD), almost 60,000 prospective international students from over 180 countries, applied for admission to a German university for the upcoming winter semester 2020.

This information becomes even more useful for Indian students given the fact that German Universities are known for Top-Notch Quality of Education.

With over 400 higher education institutions across the country, Germany offers students with the option to choose from more than 14,500 Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes. As a matter of fact, German universities offer exceptional teaching and research options, which are considered of premium quality

Germany is a top-notch destination for courses like Automotive Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering, etc. The study programs, in terms of structure and delivery, are designed to meet the most up-to-date scientific developments out in the world.

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