Canada Opening Borders to International Students from Oct 20

The government of Canada has decided to welcome back thousands of international students to Canada later this month.

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada have announced that International students will be allowed to travel to Canada starting October 20, if their study institution has a coronavirus-readiness plan that has been approved by its provincial or territorial health authority.

International students will be eligible regardless of where they are from or when their study permit was approved.

The Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Marco EL Mendicino added that “strict but essential penalties” would be given to those who broke the rules.

Institutions will need to specify “how they will inform international students on health and travel requirements before they reach Canada, help with the quarantine plans, and provide assistance in getting the necessities of life like groceries and medicine during quarantine”.

CBIE president and CEO Larissa Bezo called this announcement “very welcome news”.

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