GRE Preparation in Vijayawada

In Vijayawada, our GRE course starts with Elementum – a customized pre-GRE course, that covers basic concepts in Quant and Verbal before moving on to the strategies and techniques to ace the GRE. 

The GRE course is an exclusive blend of the requirements of an American standardized test and the unique needs of the Indian test takers. Visit our Vijayawada center to know more about the power-packed 60 hour GRE course.

Our Focus is your Score Improvement!

  • Manya-The Princeton Review Teachers are certified via rigorous certification process followed by a multi-tiered academic enrichment program.
  • Exclusive time-tested techniques to improve your speed and accuracy on the GRE test.
  • Personalized in-depth score report with answer explanations for each question to ensure your continuous score improvement on the GRE.
  • Easy access to The Princeton Review trainers till the actual test taking, even after your course completion.
  • Intensive and advanced course material based on latest GRE trends.
  • Special tricks and tips by The Princeton Review trainers enabling you to solve Reading Comprehension questions in the shortest possible time.
  • Access to Manya GRE Vocab Builder an online tool that helps you learn 1500+ GRE relevant words in 7 engaging ways
  • Refresher sessions at Manya-The Princeton Review Teachers prior to your test date at no extra cost.
  • Unlimited extra help including test performance review.
  • Hard math content if you want to be a 90th percentile scorer for GRE Quant.

GRE Refresher Sessions

Revise and review your preparation before taking the actual GRE. The GRE Verbal and Quant Refreshers help you to review the strategies learned in class, seek guidance from a teacher before the test, and assess your needs to improve your score on the GRE. These sessions are at no extra cost and are held at regular intervals throughout the year.

Online Course Variants

  • GRE Self-Paced
  • GRE Blend
  • GRE Live Online
  • GRE 1 on 1 Live Online tutoring


Classroom Course Variants


GRE Classroom GRE Customized Tutoring  
Most popular, most comprehensive Personalized/Premium  
60 hours of classroom coaching One-on-one classes with a flexible schedule  
Weekday/Weekend classes 6 months access to Student Portal, including tests  
6 months access to Student Portal, including tests    
Workshops for focused practice    
Unlimited extra help    
Refresher sessions    

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