Why Should you Hire Education Consultants for Overseas Education?


If you are contemplating applying to overseas universities, the first and foremost thing you should consider is seeking the help of a professional overseas education consultant. Deciding to study abroad is itself a crucial decision and one should be careful about every aspect involved in the process.

Whether you are planning to apply for MS abroad or MBA abroad, you must ensure that you start right. There are plenty of universities and zeroing in on the right one can be a time-consuming as well as a tricky process. This is because of the diverse factors involved in the study abroad process.

This is where the role of foreign education consultants comes into the picture. They can not only guide you in the right direction, but study abroad consultants also ensure that the right program and right universities are suggested to you according to your profile. This makes the entire process of applying to overseas universities faster and smoother. It also increases the chances of a student getting an admit from a university most suitable according to his/her profile and budget.

Now the question is – What should you be mindful of while looking for an education consultancy? Let us find out.

Before you start with your research, you must analyse and have a clear understanding of your budget and specific requirements. Each student has specific needs, preferences and expectations. Once you have pondered over these aspects, and have a fair idea of your requirements, you should start looking for an overseas consultancy.


How to Select Admission Consultant Services?

How to Select Admission Consultant Services?

Selecting the right education consultancy is crucial and can make or break your study abroad dream. Thus, it is imperative that you select one carefully. Always look for a reputable consultancy that has been there in the industry for long. They will have study abroad consultants who are experts in their field and can provide you with expert and appropriate guidance.

Also, admission consultant services have country-wise experts who can cater to the specific requirements of students looking to target a particular study destination. Before hiring their services, please ensure they have a good track record.

What to Look for?

  • Do they provide admission consultancy services for countries other than the US and Canada?
  • Do they have tie-ups with foreign universities?
  • Do they provide visa counselling and test preparation services for IELTS/TOEFL/GRE etc?
  • How much do they charge for various services?
  • You can also go through Google reviews and testimonials by their enrolled students

If the answer to the first three questions is yes, then it is safe to assume that the consultancy provides quality services. The next step should be to fix an appointment and visit their office to find out in detail the services offered by them.

You should ensure that they can provide you with dedicated services in terms of course selection and university short listing. A good overseas consultant will help you identify your strengths, capitalise on them to target the most suitable universities according to your profile, requirements and preferences. The objective is to understand a student’s profile and shortlist universities that offer courses that meet the student’s requirements.

When applying to foreign universities, one should be aware of the current developments taking place in the field of higher education. One should also have knowledge of the country’s demographics and living conditions, cost of living and other expenditures. These factors play an important role in making a decision to study abroad.

There are a plethora of universities to choose from, and the number of courses they offer is even bigger. Thus, selecting the right one can prove to be a daunting task. An education consultant will guide you about all these details. They will also apprise you of the rules regarding post-study work permission, part-time jobs etc.

The cost involved is certainly not a small amount. Planning how to finance your overseas education cost can be a task in itself. An expert will help you find out the estimated amount you would need based on the course, university and the country you select. They can customize your search depending on your specific requirements and budget. Some consultancies also provide assistance with education loans. This can prove to be of immense help when one doesn’t have much knowledge in this domain. You can simply focus on other important things while an expert will take care of this aspect. You will be provided with the requirements/documents for applying for an education loan. Thus, it saves time and ensures you do not miss out on anything important at the last moment.

When it comes to the process of applying to a foreign university, there is a lot of paperwork involved. Right from your academic transcripts, recommendation letters, visa, loan papers, there are several documents involved. Keeping track of each of these is indeed cumbersome. When you hire admission consultant services, you can be rest assured that your documents will be in order and you will not miss out on anything.

It is one thing to get admission into your dream university, and it is another to clear the visa interview! One needs to prepare well to clear it. Education consultants are aware of the visa process and the interview pattern which helps in preparing for the interview in the right manner.

Scholarships are paramount when it comes to applying to a foreign university, especially when one has a tight budget. Education consultants can help you by sharing information on which universities offer scholarships and also the total amount of scholarships.

Thus, it is evident that hiring an education consultant will make the process of applying overseas smooth and safe. Moreover, they can help you be aware of certain rules and regulations you should be mindful of while staying in a foreign country.

It is a big decision and one must not compromise with the quality. One must ensure to hire the best overseas education consultant. If you are planning to study abroad, Manya-The Princeton Review is a veteran in this field and can assist you with expert guidance.


Frequently Asked Questions


Ques.1 How does hiring an overseas education consultant help?

An overseas consultant will make the entire process of applying to a foreign university smooth and quick. They help you shortlist universities that best meet your requirements and are best suited to your profile

Ques.2 Can I take admission consultant services online?

Yes, most educational consultancies provide both in-person and online services. You can choose one based on what suits you best.

Ques.3 What questions can I ask an overseas education consultant to assess its services?

You can ask about the following:

  • The services offered – whether they provide end-to-end servicing
  • Study destinations for which they provide services
  • University placement record of their enrolled student
  • Cost of their services


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