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Top Tips to Prepare for the ACT

The ACT is diffACT-Preparationerent from the tests you have already taken in school. To ace the test you should understand the grammar rules. Analyzing phrases, sentences, paragraphs, and passages is important. It becomes easy to tackle the English section of the ACT if you know the basic tips to simplify the test. To help you to prepare for the ACT, here are some tips to make you confident about taking the ACT.

1. Read the complete sentence
2. Don’t be in a hurry to complete the sentence
3. Depend on the rules to solve
4. Be aware of the Essay, Common Rules
5. Always eliminate the identical answers first
6. Pick the answer that you think is the clearest
7. Answer what you have asked

The ACT is quite different from the list of tests you have taken in school, therefore, you need to approach it differently. Here are some proven test-taking strategies to help you prepare for the ACT:

1. Think and choose to answer a question

Avoid spending too much time on the questions you find hard because you may end up rushinganswering-the-questions through the easiest of questions. Therefore, think three things before doing any question:
a) Now: Do you know how to answer this question, if yes, do it now
b) Later: Do you need more time to solve this question then leave it for now and come back to it later
c) Never: Try not to waste your time on the questions you are sure about. You should never waste your time on doing questions which you don’t know how to solve. Try to do the Now and the later questions first and if time allows then only try answering the Never questions because there is no penalty for wrong answers on the ACT.

2. Find out the wrong answers first

Wrong-AnswerThe Multiple choice questions give you a choice to choose the correct answer among the wrong options given. Try focusing on the wrong options given and find out what are the possibly wrong answers and eliminate them one by one. And once you have only one or two possibly wrong answers then you can reach to the correct answer.

3. Know the best way to bubble in.

To know the best way to fill in your bubble sheet (answer sheet) is to work on one page at a time, especially while solving the English and math questions. The best way is to circle the answers right on your booklet while solving the questions. It is always good to stay focused on working questions rather than getting confused to find out where you left.

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