Top Mistakes to avoid in your IELTS Test

IELTS3Taking IELTS is your very first step towards your study abroad dream. Taking IELTS Test is important if you are aspiring to work and study abroad. The test measures your ability to understand the English language and efficiently using the language in any English speaking country. You need to score good bands in each task including, Speaking, Reading, Writing and Listening. Each year a lot of students take the test but many of them are not able to pass the test due to the common mistakes they make while taking the test.

Here are some common mistakes which candidates make while taking the test:

1. Answering all the questions asked on the writing task within the specified word limit is important. For an example,IELTS-Mistakes if you have been asked to give the answer in 250 words then always try completing your answer in 250 words only, nor less, nor more. Always stick to the word limit given in the question tasks.

2. Many of the applicants believe that writing a longer essay will help them to get good scores irrespective of its quality, which is not true. You may end up losing marks if you will only concentrate on the length of an essay. Always focus on creating quality content and try maintaining the word limit asked for the essay.

3. Focusing on the content is important. Answer what has been asked in the question. Many candidates try Focusanswering without even understanding the topic however, they end up answering what has not been asked. Avoid straying away from the given topic and focus on covering all points given in the topic.

4. Creating an original piece of content is important. Some students try to memorize the content and then replicate the same on the answer sheet and which is of course not the right way as the examiner is smart enough to track such activity. Therefore, always avoid memorizing and always create original content.

Practice hard and try avoiding these common mistakes while taking the IELTS. All the Best!

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