Top 30 Words to Ace the GRE


Are you preparing for the GRE? Here is a concise list of important GRE Vocab words to help you learn GRE Vocabulary. If you are a student running short on time for your GRE vocabulary preparation, then here is a list to help you understand the GRE vocab words in a short time.

Learning these words will help you score well in the GRE Verbal vocabulary section. If you are not very good at learning vocabulary and taking the GRE soon, then you must have this GRE material list to ace the test. You should start off with the best GRE Prep Book if you are not sure about your vocabulary and are a bit concerned about the verbal section. Then take GRE online classes just like several other international students.

It is often challenging to Predict Your GRE Score?, then you should take a short free GRE practice test online and learn GRE words, especially when you don’t have much time to prepare. Mastering more than 1000 GRE words in a week or two is not that easy.

However, you can easily get a hold of the most common words reported to have been frequented the most in the GRE. Targeting the most common words is the best way to GRE Preparation, understand their meanings and usage, and learn to use them well.

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Here are the top 30 common GRE words that you must be familiar with:

  1.   Arduous (adj.) – difficult to accomplish, hard to endure
  2.   Anachronism (noun) – error in time placement
  3.   Alacrity (noun) – lively and cheerful readiness
  4.   Bolster (v.) – support or strengthen
  5.   Capricious (adj.) – unpredictable, whimsical word-List
  6.   Corroborate (v.) – to confirm, make stronger
  7.   Didactic (adj.) – intended to teach, educational
  8.   Ephemeral (adj.) – momentary, passing
  9.   Extant (adj.) – in existence; surviving
  10.   Fastidious (adj.) – nitpicky, very particular about accuracy
  11.   Garrulous (adj.) – excessively talkative
  12.   Hackneyed (adj.) – unoriginal and trite
  13.   Insipid (adj.) – lacking taste or flavor
  14.   Impetuous (adj.) – acting or done quickly and without thought or care
  15.   Lionize (verb) – treat someone as a celebrity
  16.   Magnanimous (adj.) – big-hearted; generous
  17.   Ostentation (adj.) – pretentious and vulgar display intended to impress, show off
  18.   Pragmatic (adj.) – concerned with practical matters
  19.   Prolific (adj.) – producing or creating abundantly
  20.   Prosaic (adj.) – not challenging; dull and lacking excitement
  21.   Prudent (adj.) – acting with or showing care and thought
  22.   Reticent (adj.) – secretive, quiet
  23.   Soporific (adj.) – inducing sleep
  24.   Tumultuous (adj.) – confused or disorderly
  25.   Trivial (adj.) – of little value or importance
  26.   Trite (adj.) silly, commonplace learning
  27.   Venerate (v.) – regard with great respect
  28.   Vacillate (verb) – go back and forth, be indecisive
  29.   Waver – to oscillate, to fluctuate
  30.   Zeal – passionate, enthusiastic

They were the most common words that you must be familiar with before taking the GRE Exam. If you really want to make the most of them, you can save them on your laptop or take a printout to put on your wall where you can see them easily. Prepare one monthly GRE Study Plan to Score 320+ in GRE in 30 days.

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Here are the Other Unfamiliar Top 50 GRE Words, That You should Include in Your Vocab Words List

  1. Anomaly (noun) – Something that is unusual or unexpected.
  2. Assuage (verb) – To make it less intense.
  3. Abstain (verb) – to restrain oneself from doing or enjoying something.
  4. Adulterate (verb) – To make something impure or weaker by adding something of low quality.
  5. Equivocal (adj.) – Not easily understood or explained.
  6. Erudite (adj.) Having or showing great knowledge.
  7. Fervid (adj.) – Intensely enthusiastic or passionate about something.
  8. Gullible (adj.) – Easily persuaded to believe something.
  9. Homogeneous (adj.) – Similar kind.
  10. Ingenuous (adj.) – Innocent and unsuspecting.
  11. Lucid (adj.) – very clear.
  12. Opaque (adj.) – Not able to be seen through.
  13. Obdurate (adj.) – stubbornly refusing to change.
  14. Sway (verb) – To go back and forth between choices or opinions.
  15. Volatile (adj.) – Likely to change rapidly and unexpectedly.
  16. Mitigate (verb) -make less severe.
  17. Propriety (noun) – The state of being or Quality of being correct.
  18. Prevaricate (verb) – avoid telling the truth by not directly answering a question.
  19. Obtain (verb) – come into possession of something.
  20. Scare (adj.) – something in less quantity than demand.
  21. Malleable (adj.) – Pliable.
  22. Philanthropic (adj.) – Seeking to promote the welfare of others.
  23. Dissonance (noun) – a lack of harmony or agreement.
  24. Garrulous (adj.) – Excessively talkative
  25. Commendation (noun) – achievement or praiseworthy
  26. Confer (verb) – to give ownership of something
  27. Yield (noun) – the total amount of obtaining at a certain time.
  28. Lofty (adj.) – Regrading beneath oneself.
  29. Multitude (noun) – Mass Together.
  30. Culmination (noun) – the last person of actions.
  31. Substantial (adj.) – High-risk degree.
  32. Tactful (adj.) – Sensitive
  33. Ubiquitous (adj.) – Everywhere
  34. Undulate (verb) – To Move as ripples.
  35. Solidarity (noun) – joining commonalities.
  36. Spawn (verb) – call forth
  37. Precedent (noun) – An example in time.
  38. Qualitative (adj.) – Features of something.
  39. Indiscriminately (adv.) – Randomly.
  40. Infer (verb) – Guess
  41. Irreconcilable (adj.) – Incapable of being in harmony with.
  42. Lament (verb) – to feel sorrow.
  43. Modest (adj.) – simple.
  44. Omnipotent (adj.) – Almighty
  45. Oust (verb) – to remove.
  46. Paramount (adj.) – Most important.
  47. Perish (verb) – to pass away.
  48. Reluctantly (adv.) – Somewhat unwilling to do something.
  49. Repudiate (verb) – Refuse to recognize.
  50. Scorn (verb) – Make of unkind jokes.


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We created this list of common top 30 words and extra unfamiliar top 50 GRE words, with a lot of care and effort, to help students prepare to ace the GRE. We really hope this serves as a reference point for you. Also, we want you to remember that the GRE doesn’t rely on any vocab words list. The words can come from anywhere. So be prepared! Start reading novels, books, magazines, whatever you can to learn new words.

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Good Luck!

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How many vocab words should I remember?

Use relevant GRE vocab words, there are no limit sets, but up to 1000 words for GRE is enough.

Why is the vocab List helpful during the GRE exam?

It gives you an outline and more centralized GRE material for study. Having a list in front of you will help you to grasp and remember.

Is 1000 Words Really Necessary to remember for GRE preparation?

1000 words is a minimum requirement, maybe you have to remember more than 1000 vocab words for GRE.

How do I ace the GRE vocabulary test?

All secrets are how good your memory power is. Watch YouTube videos on the art of memorizing. Use flashcards techniques, or at least consume 50 words per day. Do yoga to increase your brain power or exercise.

Do GRE words get repeated?

Yes, there were several times when a student faced some repeated GRE words in the GRE examination.

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