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Top 30 words to ace the GRE

GRE-WordsLearning GRE words are often challenging especially when you have less time to prepare. Mastering 1000+ GRE words in a week or two is not that easy. However, you can get a hold of the most common words having a high frequency of appearing on the test. The best way to prepare for the test is to target the most common GRE words, understanding their meaning and usage and learning to use them to score well on the verbal section.

Here are the top 30 common GRE words that you must know:

1.    Arduous (adj.) – difficult to accomplish, hard to endure
2.    Anachronism (noun) – error in time placement
3.    Alacrity (noun) – lively and cheerful readiness
4.    Bolster (v.) – support or strengthen
5.    Capricious (adj.) – unpredictable, whimsicalWord-List
6.    Corroborate (v.) – to confirm, make stronger
7.    Didactic (adj.) – intended to teach, educational
8.    Ephemeral (adj.) – momentary, passing
9.    Extant (adj.) – in existence; surviving
10.   Fastidious (adj.) – nitpicky, very particular about accuracy
11.   Garrulous (adj.) – excessively talkative
12.   Hackneyed (adj.) – unoriginal and trite
13.   Insipid (adj.) – lacking taste or flavour
14.   Impetuous (adj.) – acting or done quickly and without thought or care
15.   Lionize (verb) – treat someone as a celebrity
16.   Magnanimous (adj.) – big-hearted; generous
17.   Ostentation (adj.) – pretentious and vulgar display intended to impress, show off
18.   Pragmatic (adj.) – concerned with practical matters
19.   Prolific (adj.) – producing or creating abundantly
20.   Prosaic (adj.) – not challenging; dull and lacking excitement
21.   Prudent (adj.) – acting with or showing care and thought
22.   Reticent (adj.) – secretive, quiet
23.   Soporific (adj.) – inducing sleep
24.   Tumultuous (adj.) – confused or disorderly
25.   Trivial (adj.) – of little value or importance
26.   Trite (adj.) silly, commonplacelearning
27.   Venerate (v.) – regard with great respect
28.   Vacillate (verb) – go back and forth, be indecisive
29.   Waver – to oscillate, to fluctuate
30.   Zeal – passionate, enthusiastic

So, these are the most common words that you must know before taking the GRE. Well, if you really want to make the most of it, you can save them on your laptop or take a printout and put it on your wall or anywhere at your place where the visibility is high. It will help you read the words repeatedly and remember them for long.

Have a happy learning!


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