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STEM Courses in USA Meaning

STEM expands to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Thus, STEM courses in USA mean the programs offered by US universities in the science and related engineering fields. Each year, hundreds of international students apply to STEM courses in the USA as these courses not only seek to nurture young and scientific minds but graduates in STEM are also highly regarded in the employment market. This is because of the range of specializations offered by the STEM courses in the USA.

In recent years, STEM courses in the USA for international students have emerged as the prominent choice for students trying to hone their scientific and technical knowledge.


Why Pursue STEM Courses in USA?

STEM courses in the USA are a favourite for international students for a number of factors, the most prominent of which would be the proximity to the technical hub of the country, California. Also, referred to as Silicon Valley, California offers good scope for industrial networking and internship opportunities, hence making it the ideal stop for international students wishing to avail of global perspectives. Furthermore, universities in the USA are well known for their well-rounded curriculum that encourages both academic and beyond classroom engagements and learning. This opportunity for hands-on learning while engaging in extra-curricular activities of choice makes STEM courses in the USA a popular choice for international students.


STEM Courses in USA for International Students

While a number of STEM courses in USA are available for international students, here is a STEM courses in USA list:

  1. Actuarial Science
  2. Aeronautical/Aerospace
  3. Architectural Engineering
  4. Astronomy
  5. Biochemistry
  6. Biomedical Technology
  7. Comparative Psychology
  8. Chemical Engineering
  9. Civil Engineering
  10. Clinical and Industrial Drug Development
  11. Computer Engineering
  12. Computer Programming
  13. Computer and Information Science
  14. Computer Science
  15. Data Science
  16. Environmental Studies
  17. Food Science
  18. Forensic Science and Technology/Forensic Chemistry
  19. Genetics
  20. Geology
  21. Industrial and Organizational Psychology
  22. Information Systems
  23. Management Science
  24. Mathematics
  25. Mechanical Engineering
  26. Molecular Biology
  27. Nuclear Physics
  28. Nutritional Science
  29. Pharmacology
  30. Statistics

Best STEM courses in USA for Masters

Although over 300 STEM courses in the USA are available to international students, the best STEM courses in USA for masters are Computer Science and Engineering, Information Science, Data Science, Management Science, Mathematics, Business, Statistics, Civil Engineering, Chemistry, and Biomedical Sciences.


Top-Ranked Universities for STEM Courses in USA

If you are planning for STEM courses in the USA for a master’s, you are on the right track because the USA is a renowned destination for STEM programs, offering a wide range of STEM courses for international students. The following universities in the USA offer a wide range of STEM courses including STEM courses in USA MBA and STEM courses for masters, and STEM courses in USA for commerce students.

New York University – The Tandon School of Engineering is well-known for Science and Information Technology courses in STEM

  1. Harvard University
  2. California Institute of Technology
  3. Stanford University
  4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  5. University of California, Berkeley
  6. Arizona State University
  7. Columbia University – An Ivy League college, it is known for ground-breaking research in STEM courses such as Engineering, Mathematics, Technology, Material Science, Physics, and Scientific Research.

STEM Courses in USA Eligibility

The most basic requirement to be eligible for a STEM program in the USA is undergraduate education in the STEM field. Apart from the same, the requirements remain largely similar to those for applying to non-STEM programs in the USA.

The requirements for applying to STEM courses in USA are:

  1. A complete undergraduate degree (3 or 4 years as defined by the school of your choice) in the field of STEM
  2. Valid English Proficiency Test scores such as IELTS, TOFEL, and PTE – be sure to check the score requirement set by each school for their specific programs before sending in your application
  3. GMAT or GRE scores as mentioned by the program of your choice at your university of choice
  4. Eligibility for F1 USA student visa
  5. Ensure that you are eligible for STEM OPT

Documents for Applying to STEM Courses in USA

You do not need to apply for STEM qualification. Instead, you only apply for STEM programs directly. Hence, the documents required and the process of application largely remain the same.

  1. Statement of Purpose
  2. Any other essay as may be asked for by your program of choice
  3. Resume
  4. At least two Reference Letters
  5. Academic transcripts for all academic levels*
  6. English Language Proficiency test scores
  7. GMAT/GRE test scores
  8. Scanned copy of a valid passport
  9. A translated copy of your transcript if the degree certificate is in a colloquial language or another language than English.

STEM Courses in USA without GRE

As mentioned above, GRE/GMAT is a required part of the application to STEM courses in USA. However, there are a few universities that allow you to waive the GRE requirement and still others that do not need GRE for applying to STEM courses in USA. Following are the colleges that let you apply to STEM courses in USA without GRE:

  1. University of Northern Virginia
  2. University of Dayton
  3. New Mexico State University
  4. California State University Sacramento
  5. University of Pittsburgh
  6. Stevens Institute of Technology
  7. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

What is STEM OPT?

The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) accords the STEM designation to select universities as well as the STEM OPT or the Optional Practical Training. Basically, the STEM OPT means that if you have a valid F1 USA student visa, you can stay back in the USA and take up employment post-completion of your graduate studies for a period of 12 months. You will not require the H-1B visa for the same. However, if you are pursuing a STEM MBA program, you can extend the period of your OPT by another two years, making it a total of 36 months, a time that you can utilize to build your industry outlook and experience and network. Please note that you cannot take extensions on your OPT more than twice. To be eligible for STEM OTP, your degree must be approved by a SEVP-certified institution and you should have an employer experience of 20 hours per week, a condition that you can easily fulfil as part of your internship programs and through part-time involvements.


One-year STEM Courses in the USA

Few universities in the USA also provide one-year STEM programs. These are offered by top-ranked universities such as Stanford University, Harvard University, Caltech, MIT, and Columbia. The one-year STEM programs are perfect for the ones who have academic exposure in the domain and wish to get back to the professional domain sooner. You can opt for the one-year STEM course in the USA for disciplines such as Astronomy, Civil Engineering, Biochemistry, Biomedical Technology and the like.


STEM Courses in USA for Commerce Students

Usually, students with commerce backgrounds opt for Full-time MBA programs or an MS in Finance, MS in Marketing, MS in Business Analytics, MS in Global Supply Chain Management, MS in Economics and other related specializations from the USA. In that regard, a STEM course in the USA for commerce students is an excellent choice as it leads to improved employability by enhancing skill sets and industry know-how. These STEM courses allow the perfect amalgam of scientific, analytical, creative, and problem-solving intelligence, boosting career choices for the student.


Online STEM Courses in the USA

While online, distant, and hybrid MBA programs already existed in the USA, the Covid-induced lockdown led to many universities adopting the online structure for STEM courses in the USA. Some of the top-ranked universities providing online STEM courses in the USA are listed below:


John Hopkins University

Online STEM courses offered in Artificial Intelligence, Financial Mathematics, Organizational Leadership, Nursing and Healthcare, and Public Health among others.


North-eastern University

Online STEM courses offered in Analytics, Bioinformatics, Biotechnology, Digital Media, Engineering Management, Forensic, and Human Resource Management among others.


Georgia Institute of Technology

Online STEM courses offered in Analytics, Cybersecurity, Industrial Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering among others.


University of Florida

Online STEM courses offered in Bioinformatics, Mass Communication, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Public Health, and Sustainable Design among others.


Harvard University

Online STEM courses offered in Data Science, Computer Science, Medicine, and Artificial Intelligence among others.


College application is a time-intensive process. Now that you have an overview of the top-ranked schools, and eligibility, for STEM courses in the USA, it is recommended that you start the process of application early. You will have to keep a number of factors in mind in going ahead with your application such as the best fit of school, budget, location, and curriculum, as well as gather all necessary documents such as preparing statements of purpose, essays, recommendation letters, resume, etc. To be helped with this intensive process and to gain more details on STEM courses in the USA, you can connect with our expert advisors at Manya-The Princeton Review. 

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What is a STEM degree?

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics indicating programs that allow the just training in related scientific, technical, and engineering fields.

What is OPT?

If you have an F1 USA study visa and are enrolled in a STEM program at a SEVP-certified school, you are eligible for Optional Practical Training that allows you to work in the USA, post-MS, for up to a year without the H-1B visa.

Is a science background mandatory for applying to STEM courses in the USA?

Yes, a background in science or a related field is mandatory for applying to STEM courses in the USA.

Are all MS programs in USA STEM courses?

No. Only the ones indicated as STEM-designated are STEM courses in the USA

I have a background in Commerce. Can I apply to STEM courses in the USA?

Yes, a background in Commerce indicates that you are trained in Mathematics, thus fulfilling the eligibility for applying to STEM courses in the USA.

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