SAT 2024 Scholarships for Indian Students


If you are planning to take the SAT, then you must know the benefits of scoring well on your SAT exam since higher scores increase your chances of getting into the top universities in the USA and Canada. Moreover, it will augment the possibility of you being considered for the SAT Scholarship. The Scholastic Assessment Test or SAT exam is a standardised test, and receiving scholarships for the same can help you immensely in meeting the expenses of higher education abroad. Students with the highest SAT score are eligible for merit-based scholarships in several universities. Even though it is imperative to score a high GPA and submit a highly qualitative application to be eligible for scholarships’ from the top universities, let us look at the different SAT Scholarships available to Indian students, eligibility requirements, and other factors –



College Board India Scholars Program started in 2018-19 and offers SAT scholarships to Indian students. SAT Scholarships are granted to Indian students who have merit and excellence but lack sufficient funds to pursue their higher education. The required SAT score to be considered for this academic scholarship is 1300 or above. These students are also recognized as SAT India Top Performers. You can apply for these scholarships at the time of your admission. You can simultaneously apply for SAT Scholarships extended by various international institutions for Indian students separately.


SAT Features

  • Exam Name- Scholastic Assessment Test
  • Conducting Body- College Board
  • Administered by Educational Testing Service
  • Mode of exam-Paper-pencil
  • Score Range- 400-1600
  • Main sections -Writing, Reading and Mathematics (Essay-discontinued)


Types of SAT Scholarships

There are different types of SAT Scholarships available for Indian students depending on their eligibility, abilities and skill sets. These are mentioned below:-

Academic Scholarship: It is also known as SAT merit scholarship which is purely based on SAT score. Good, consistent and high scores make you eligible to apply for this scholarship

Need-based Scholarship: This scholarship is particularly for meritorious students belonging to low-income families. To provide equal opportunities to all, this scholarship aims to financially support capable students

Athletic Scholarship: This scholarship is exclusively awarded based on students’ excellence in any sport. This is very much common in countries like USA and UK

Identity-based Scholarship: This scholarship is reserved for students belonging to minority groups. This is offered based on factors such as gender, race and ethnicity etc

Military Scholarship: Only those who come from a military family are eligible to apply for this scholarship. It is to honour the contribution of those who have served the country. However, one has to submit valid and verified documents as proof to receive this scholarship


Eligibility for the SAT Scholarship 2024

To avail the SAT scholarship, Indian students need to be eligible for the following factors:

  • He or she must be a student in Class 11 or 12 in the session of 2019–20
  • The annual household income of the candidate has to be less than INR 8 Lakhs
  • Out of 1600, the candidates must secure an SAT score of 1300 or above
  • Candidates must secure admission to the participating Indian university of the aforementioned programs


SAT Registration Discount

The College Board India Scholars Program provides SAT Registration Discount to students belonging to low-income families. Students of XI and XII can apply for this discount if they fulfil the eligibility criteria. Only one discount voucher per student is awarded which can be used by the student at the time of registration.

  • Annual Income of Fewer than 8 Lakhs – 90 % SAT Registration Discount

Resident of India

Students in Class XI or XII

  • Annual Income of 8 Lakhs-15 Lakhs – 50 % SAT Registration Discount

Resident of India

Students in Class XI or XII

Follow the below steps to receive the free reduction voucher and take the SAT Exam for free-

Step 1: Go to www.buddy4study.com/collegeboard

Step 2: Apply for the SAT Fee reduction voucher

Step 3: Fill out the application and upload required documents

Step 4: You will receive the fee reduction voucher code via email

Step 5: Register for SAT exam in December or March

Step 6: Use the voucher code during the payment step


How to Apply for SAT Scholarships?

Please follow the below steps to apply for the SAT Scholarships:

Step 1: Register for SAT and take the test

Step 2: Score over 1300 out of 1600 to be selected as a ‘Top Performer’

Step 3: Apply to be a College Board India Scholar


Documents Required for SAT Scholarships

To avail a SAT scholarship for international students, you must submit all the required documents. Some of them are listed below:

  • Educational transcripts
  • Complete SAT scholarship application form
  • SAT test Scores
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP)
  • Letter of Recommendation (LOR)
  • CV or Resume
  • Passport-sized photos
  • Letter of acceptance from concerned college/university
  • Valid passport and student visa


Top Universities Offering SAT Scholarships

  • Yale University
  • Stanford University
  • The University of Chicago
  • Harvard University
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • University of Arizona
  • University of Tennessee


SAT Merit Scholarships for Indian Students

University Name SAT Score Required Scholarship Amount
Colorado State University  1130-1300+  $5000-$10,000 
University of Missouri  1200-1390 $3000-$15,000 
Baylor University  1000+  $10,000-$21,000 
University of Mississippi  1130  $7000-$10,000 
Georgia University  1200+  $3000 
University of Nevada at Las Vegas  1130  $7000-$11,000
University of Oregon  1250  $3000-$10,000 
Texas Tech University  • 1000-1190
• 1190-1400
• 1401-1600
• $1000 per year
• $2000-$5000
• $5000-9000


Other Scholarships

Scholarship Name SAT Score Required Amount Granted
MSLP Governor’s Best And Brightest Scholarship  1440  $2000 
CIA Undergraduate Scholarship Program  1000 $18,000 
Matt Logies Memorial Scholarship  1500  $5000 
Deana’s Wish Memorial Scholarship  1100  $2000 
Pacific Gas And Electric Company Asian ERG Scholarship  1500  $2000
Texas Armed Services Scholarship Program  1070  $4000 


Additionally, there are various Indian universities that also offer SAT Scholarships. These include:

  • Bennett University
  • Manav Rachna University
  • Ashoka University
  • Sri Sri University
  • World University of Design
  • Flame University
  • SRM University
  • Azim Premji University
  • KREA University


In What Year is the Scholarship Awarded?

This is a very important question. Indian students are eligible to get the scholarship not only for the first year but for the entire undergraduate program.



So the next time you are taking competitive exams like SAT or ACT, remember that scoring high in these exams will give you rewards beyond your imagination. It can land you scholarships by way of financial aid. If you meet the given criteria, you will be eligible for merit scholarships provided by both Canada and the USA to Indian students.

In this blog, we have tried to cover the top scholarships with the eligibility and amount granted. To know more about SAT Scholarships, SAT preparation, SAT coaching, SAT eligibility criteria, SAT online preparation, SAT practice test, SAT exam datesSAT syllabus, etc. reach out to Manya-The Princeton Review today.


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How to apply for SAT Scholarships?

You can apply for the university-specific scholarship and SAT India Top Performers Scholarships when you are applying for admissions at the respective university.

Do Canadian Universities offer scholarships based on SAT scores?

Yes, many Canadian universities offer scholarships based on SAT scores. However, it is suggested to check with the respective colleges to know the details and eligibility for the scholarship.

If my SAT score is 1600, will I get a 100% scholarship?

Scoring 1600 will not ensure 100 % scholarship, it depends on the university you are applying to.

Is 1360 a good SAT score?

Yes, it is considered a brilliant score which indicates that you have performed well in sections like reading, writing and mathematics. It increases your chance of getting merit-based scholarships.

How can I receive the discount on SAT registration?

If your family income is low then you can request the discount voucher and use it while registering for SAT.

What are the various types of SAT Scholarships?

There are two types of SAT Scholarships. First is Need-based Scholarships which enable you to get a discount voucher on SAT registration. The second is Merit-based Scholarships which are offered directly by the institutes.

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