Overcoming Low GPA SCORES with a high GRE/GMAT Score


When applying to a university, it is not just your academics or your GRE test/GMAT test Score that matters but it is the overall profile that will have an impact. While GPA scores can be done to improve the low GPA SCORES but at the same time, other things can be worked upon.

There can be different reasons for a low GPA SCORES like medical reasons, personal reasons, or financial reasons. One strong reason for a low GPA SCORES could be an individual’s participation in extracurricular activities.


What is a Low GPA Scores?

If a student has a GPA scores of 2.99 or lower then it will be considered as a very low GPA SCORES. To get into top schools one must have a GPA SCORES of 3.0 or above. However, there are some low GPA SCORES colleges that accept students with low scores.

Every university uses the GPA SCORES of a student to measure their academic abilities and what they have done to improve it. GPA SCORES plays a crucial role in MS/MBA Admissions as it shows a student’s academic performance.

Some universities give equal importance to GPA SCORES and other aspects of an application such as GRE Score / GMAT Score, essays, and work experience whereas some universities may give less importance to and more importance to other factors. However, one can still apply to good business schools/universities as GPA SCORES is one of the other factors in the entire admission process.

So, one should thoroughly research the program he/she is applying to. Some programs have a GPA SCORES cut off but others do not. Fortunately, most programs don’t require a minimum GPA SCORES but one must know the specific needs of a program so that time, money and efforts do not go in vain.


Can a High GMAT/GRE Score help?

The answer to this question is definitely a yes. There are several benefits of securing a high Score on the GMAT Exam or GRE Exam.

Once it is realized that the GPA SCORES is low, an individual must start working towards acing the GMAT/GRE exam. Getting a high GMAT test Score / high GRE test Score will make your application stronger. It is also agreed upon that a low GPA scores can be overcome with a high GRE Score / high GMAT Score. As the GRE/GMAT Score is a standardized test, it shows the current academic abilities of a student. Apart from the academic abilities, it also enables one to understand whether an applicant is capable enough to handle managerial tasks.


Overall Profile

Applications are assessed as a whole. GPA SCORES is actually just one of the factors in assessing the entire application. Other factors include GRE Score / GMAT Score, essays, letter of recommendation, a strong CV and work experience.

A low GPA scores cannot hinder an individual from taking admission to a business school if an individual’s GRE/GMAT Scores are high enough to compensate.

A lot of individuals with low GPA SCORES have got admits from the top universities on the basis of their overall profile. A great GRE/GMAT Score, extracurricular activities and work experience can be a way of getting into a good university. If an individual has relevant work experience that can give him an edge over other applicants. A strong statement of purpose and letter of recommendations from college professors or employers can increase the chances of getting into a good university.


Research Papers

An individual working in a research field can publish original research papers. The admissions team gives importance to an individual’s work experience. So, individuals must take up interesting projects and publish their findings. This surely improves your chances of getting into the university.


Strong Recommendations

Most graduate schools would ask for at least two letters of recommendation. One can take these LORs from someone authoritative. This can either be a Ph.D. professor or a senior manager of one’s company. The profile of the person who writes you the letter is of utmost importance. The more qualified the referee, the better the odds would be in your favor.


Statement of Purpose

If one feels that the low GPA SCORES does not truly represent his/her intellect, then a convincing statement of purpose can help. One can give reasons for the same and share previous experiences to show your interest or engagement in a particular subject/field.

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Apart from GMAT/GRE Score and GPA SCORES, what else are the requirements while applying to a university?

Letter of recommendations, CV, essays, and statement of purpose are some of the other requirements.

What is considered to be a low GPA SCORES?

A GPA SCORES below 3 is considered low.

Are the requirements the same for all colleges?

No, every college has varied requirements depending on the program you are applying to.

Can just a good GRE Score / good GMAT Score help in getting an admission?

No, the overall profile matters.

Why is GPA SCORES required?

GPA SCORES demonstrates an individual’s academic abilities.

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