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Students today are invariably worried for clarity on their future–as to which career option to choose? They need to clarify whether they should follow the opinion of their parents, follow their friends or should they follow their own dream career. The turmoil of making the right career decision often results in students landing into the wrong career or failure, unemployment and depression.

Career counselling is the guidance provided to them about the right career choice they should make. It is very useful to students as well as their parents who are not able to decide which career option to go for. It also helps those students who are already certain about their career choice, to achieve their career goals in the most efficient way. Career assessment and counselling helps students to get a clear picture as to where they want to see themselves 7 – 8 years down the line and how they can bring out the best in them.

To plan out a booming career, counselling is provided by career experts, also known as career counsellors, having years of experience in their respective areas. Career counsellors help students to first decide upon the most appropriate career objective and then help them to brush up their skills and capabilities in order to achieve it. These career experts or specialists suggest various subjects, courses, colleges and universities to students and provide all insights about different career options and their scope in India and abroad and assist them in achieving their final goal.

In order to achieve this, these Career Counsellors put students through various personality tests or assessments to find out their personality traits, skills, areas of interest and values and suggest them appropriate career options in which students can yield better and exceptional results. They help them to get their hand around it and make the right career decision so that they need not pound the pavement in future.

A good career assessment and counselling plays a critical role in moving students and their parents from a state of unawareness to their next opportunity. The right career assessment helps students increase self-awareness, prompt self-reflection and their understanding of future career prospects.

Manya Career Assessment and Counselling Ways: 4 Simple Steps for Career Assessment, Selection, Counselling and Planning

Finding your perfect career cannot get easier than our unique, scientific approach to right career guidance. Manya’s career assessment approach and personalised recommendations are based on a patented algorithm that classifies students across a unique combination. Our career assessments and counselling help you make the right choices about your subject combinations, courses, colleges and careers, thus providing clarity and validation on your career decisions. The report will give you directional and contextual outcomes based on your Personality, Aptitude, Motivations, Interests and Academic Performance. Through an effective 4-step process to cater to every need, your career confusion doesn’t stand a chance.

Multi-Pronged Assessment

Gain a detailed understanding of yourself to get best-fit career options or recommendations, with personalised development plans to help you improve. The students are assessed on 4 parameters of Personality, Aptitude, Motivations, & Interests. Their academic performance is also taken into consideration.  All these factors are taken into account before a unified outcome of the student is created.

Interactive Stream & Career Activities

Explore, evaluate and ascertain your suitability for suggested career option with interactive activities. Focus on your perfect career choice by matching specific insights about your day-to-day schedule, academics, skills, and more, with your best-fit matches.

Personalised Guidance from Career Counsellors

Plan your career, course, college and university under expert guidance from top career counsellors. Our career counsellors, with experience of mentoring more than 1 lac students, will help you make the right decision through personalised career counselling and all-round support for all your queries.

Unified Decision Tree Framework

All the assessments are based on a single framework and are linked to one another, leading to a consistent outcome across grades.

Framework Driven Approach

The patented framework that ties the assessment together gives clarity to the student on the world of careers. Focus on your perfect career choice by matching specific insights about your day-to-day schedule, academics, skills, and more, with your best-fit matches.

About Manya – The Princeton Review

Manya – The Princeton Review Private Limited (MEPL) offers end-to-end education-related services encompassing test preparation, admissions consulting services, English language training, career assessment and international internship opportunities to students. Manya is the pioneering organization in this field and has been helping parents and students Pan India for the last 16+ years. Armed with a scientifically developed and reliable psychometric tool validated to Indian norms, Manya provides comprehensive career guidance and planning solutions to parents and students.

At Manya, we give the right guidance at the right time to transform the lives of young students and give them multiple career options to choose from. The child thereafter does research on these careers and selects one that will keep him happy for life! This will impact the future generation with positivity and will definitely lead to a Happier tomorrow!

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