How to Improve Your IELTS Writing Skills

Even though you may be good at English, you must learn and practice writing for the IELTS. By practicing regularly, you will end up taking your writing skills to unimaginable standard. Of course, for that, you need to have the right approach, so that there remains nothing missing in your preparation at all. Here are a few tips for the preparation of your task 1 essay: 

Writing an overview paragraph

One of the most crucial tasks and essential aspects of your task 1 essay is writing an overview paragraph. Given below are some of the tips that will help you grasp the main features of an overview paragraph. 

An overview paragraph is a summary of the essential points in a graph, chart, or map. 

The second paragraph of an essay usually has two to three sentences, and they influence what you write in the rest of the essay. 

Paraphrasing for the test

When a sentence or a phrase is rewritten with the same meaning and different words, we call it paraphrasing. It is not only the writing part of the IELTS that needs paraphrasing; all the parts of the IELTS need paraphrasing. All that you need to do here is to paraphrase the first sentence of every essay, as it helps you boost your vocabulary score. 

Writing a Complex Sentence

A complex sentence is not one that is complicated, hard to understand, and leads to grammatical mistakes. A simple sentence is one with more than one subject and predicate, which is a congregation of more than one sentence or clause. Simple sentences are ideal, to begin with, and complex sentences are suitable to elaborate on a particular main point. 

Complex sentences are what you should attend to boost your grammar. It is often assumed that complex sentences are awkward to create, but, as a matter of fact, they are straightforward to write. 

Count your words

What do you think should be the right count of words—100, 150 or 200? How many words should you use to create a captivating essay? It is essential to count your words when you paraphrase in the test. We suggest you try to comply with the word-limit required for your essay in the test. 

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