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How to improve your IELTS writing skills

Writing-TasksYou need to learn IELTS writing skills even if you are good at English. A right approach to IELTS test-taking and practicing can help you to achieve your desired score. Here are the tips to help you start your IELTS preparation for your Task 1 essay:

Writing an overview paragraph

Writing an overview paragraph is a crucial task and an important aspect of your Task 1 essay. The following tips will help you to pick up the main features of an overview paragraph and how to use them while writing such paragraph. An overview paragraph is:

a)     A summary of important points in graph, chart or map.
b)    The second paragraph of your essay usually has two or three sentences.
c)     Influence what you write in the rest of the essay.

ParaphraseParaphrasing for the test

Paraphrasing is simply rewriting a phrase or sentence so that it has the same meaning, but with different words. You need to paraphrase not only in the writing task but for all parts of the IELTS Test. The tip is to paraphrase the question in every IELTS essay by using synonyms or by changing the word order. Try to paraphrase the very first sentence of each essay on the test as it will help you to boost your vocabulary score.

Writing a Complex Sentence

Complex-Sentence..A complex sentence is often misunderstood as a complicated one and hard to understand that leads to grammatical errors. While a simple sentence is ideal to begin, the complex sentence is good to use when expanding on the main point. It is just more than one simple sentence put together to make one sentence.

If you want to boost your grammar score than the complex sentences are the one you should approach. Although the complex sentences are assumed to be complex to create, however, in reality, they are very simple to write, if you know how to write.

word-count..Count your words

What is the right count of words, 100, 150 or 200? Exactly how many words are required to create an impactful essay? Counting your words is important while paraphrasing for the test. Try to maintain your text within a specified word limit as defined in the test.

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