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How should I plan my GRE?

On the GRE, you have two AWA tasks; AWA Issue and AWA Argument.

Understanding the AWA Issue

GRE-AWAOn the AWA Issue usually, the issue prompt is a one sided statement on a two sided issue. On the issue task, you are required to give your views on the issue presented in the question. For the exact tasks, you may refer to the GRE Official Guide.

You can support, oppose, or take a qualified stand. Often it is better to either support or oppose so that your essay appears to be more convincing.

Knowing the AWA Argument

As in case of AWA Issue, the GRE Official Guide (OG) mentions the specific tasks you get for AWA Argument; you Image7.will get one of the eight tasks that are listed in the OG.

You will be presented with an argument and you will need to analyze it objectively. You must avoid getting involved in the issue and refrain from giving your personal opinion.

The below points are applicable to both; the Issue and the Argument Essays:

The parameters on the basis of which your essays are evaluated are:(a) Organization, (b) Cogency, and (c) Coherence. It is good to use examples to support your position/analysis. It is important to avoid grammatical errors and use good vocabulary and varied sentence structures.

Shorter essays often do not get great scores. As regards, paragraphs it is good to have an introductory paragraph followed by three body paragraphs and a concluding paragraph.

Test-TakingPreparing for the GRE is a task which demands a right test taking approach and dedicated practice to achieve a perfect score. Here a few writing tips that you must know to plan your GRE Preparation.

  • Plan first and spend five minutes to outline your position. It will help you to decide how & what you need to prepare.
  • Good grammar is a must. Work efficiently on learning grammar as it is an important aspect of your test.
  • Try using topic sentences to organize your paragraphs and try to keep the introduction short.

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