GMAT Prerequisites: What are the GMAT Requirements to Take the Test?

The Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) is a standardized test that most business school applicants need to take in order to join credited MBA and a few other courses. Taking the GMAT opens your gateway to various top-notch B-schools in the USA, Canada, Singapore, and many other countries including India.

The GMAC, the organization that owns GMAT has not set any specific eligibility requirements for taking the GMAT. However, understanding the following GMAT requirements will be helpful for the test taker.

Age Requirement

One of the few criteria mentioned by GMAC is the one about age requirement. Although there is no upper age limit for candidates, any candidate between the age of 13 and 17 should have written permission from a parent or legal guardian.


Educational Qualifications and Work Experience

Here again, the GMAC has not mentioned any requirements about the educational background and qualifications needed to take the GMAT. However, since most candidates take the GMAT to apply for an MBA, the requirements of universities for an MBA should be taken into account. Candidates who wish to enroll for MBA are usually required to have at least an undergraduate degree in any field, from a recognized university. Also, it is important to keep in mind that many MBA programs abroad usually require some work experience while the majority of MBA programs in India do not require work experience.


ID Proof Requirement

For taking the GMAT, the only accepted ID proof in India is the passport. Ensure that your passport is valid beyond the date of the GMAT exam. When you register for the GMAT, make sure your name and date of birth match the information in your passport.

Monetary Considerations

The fee for scheduling the GMAT exam is currently $250 for center testing and $200 for at-home testing. Rescheduling the exam incurs additional charges though some of these additional fees have been waived off during the COVID pandemic. Your GMAT prep may also require some monetary considerations.

GMAT Prep Requirements

The GMAT syllabus consists of basic verbal skills (grammar, reading comprehension, writing, etc.), logical reasoning, and basic math concepts (arithmetic, geometry, algebra, etc.). Your data analysis abilities (data from figures, graphs, tables, charts, etc.) are tested in the quant and integrated reasoning sections. Your GMAT prep should involve practice in all these areas. Make sure you choose a comprehensive GMAT course to help you get the best possible score you can. You can also shift your GMAT prep online and choose from GMAT online courses such as the ones offered by Manya Education.


GMAT Requirements for People with Disabilities

GMAC has made provisions and created specific requirements for people with disabilities who wish to take the GMAT. One such possible accommodation for people with disabilities is a slight relaxation of the timings during the exam. Candidates who require accommodations due to disabilities should submit documentation about their disabilities when they register for the GMAT exam. The GMAC will then send a written decision about accommodations and further instructions.


Requirements for Re-taking the GMAT

Candidates who want to retake the GMAT can do so only after 16 days. Within a rolling year, a candidate can make up to a maximum of five attempts. GMAC has also put in a lifetime limit. A candidate can attempt the GMAT only eight times in a lifetime.

Though the GMAT itself has few eligibility requirements, a candidate who wishes to use the GMAT to apply for programs should research and understand the eligibility criteria set by universities for those programs.

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