GMAT Tips for Self Preparation

GMAT is an examination that you can easily conquer by adopting an effective preparation strategy. The central tenets of the GMAT self-preparation revolve around the usual aspects in terms of preparation:

  1. Prepare-for-GMAT Developing an understanding of the exam
  2. Preparing a plan for the exam
  3. Being consistent with your GMAT Self Preparation

a) Understanding the Exam

The best way to understand how the GMAT works is to take GMAT Prep test or “Princeton Review’s Online Simulated GMAT Practice Test”.  Take the test and analyze the exam content and question types. Your analysis of the test will go a long way in establishing the strategy you adopt for the exam. You must also get a clear understanding of pattern, question types, formats etc. by exploring authentic resources like GMAC website or The Official GMAT Guide.

Check-list-for-GMAT-Prepration1b) GMAT Preparation Plan

The next step of the process involves developing a GMAT Self Preparation Plan that works best for you. You should divide your overall plan into the following:

i) Prepare the fundamentals: You can only fine-tune your preparation once you have fully acquainted yourself with the basic fundamentals tested in the exam. With the help of the diagnostic test, you will be able to establish your subject knowledge and you will be able to identify whether you are comfortable with core topics tested on the GMAT. In case your scores and attempt show particular weaknesses, you can always opt for GMAT Test Preparation Program to ensure you are able to prepare the basics. Remember, without a good grasp of the concepts, you would struggle to move further.

ii) Establish an effective testing regimen: Take as many complete GMAT Practice tests online as possible. Tests are the best tools to establish an objective benchmark for your preparation. Also, ensure you take a sufficient number of topic tests for all the GMAT topics to understand how well you have grasped these topics. Do make sure you analyze your tests well so that you achieve improvements in subsequent tests.

iii) Focus on Core skills such as Reading and basic mathematics skills: GMAT is an exam that tests your basics and you need to make sure your basic skills are up to the mark. Do not get lost in preparing too many abstruse concepts; always keep your focus on basic skill development such as comprehension and basic mathematical skills.

Learning-GMAT (1)c) Consistency in your approach

It is not that difficult to study in short bursts, but it is hard to maintain the same energy for a sustained period of time. Make sure you take GMAT Online tests regularly, follow your GMAT Self Preparation Plan and most importantly, be honest with yourself. Do not give yourself excuses to shirk work. As a small tip for motivation, always keep your targets in mind. They help you focus.

The above form the three core essentials of the approach you should adopt for GMAT Preparation. Keep these in mind while preparing for the test and you will surely do well in the examination.



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