Fun Ways to Learn Vocabulary

“A great vocabulary is worth much, but it costs very little”
– George Herbert

WordsWhile reading an article or a text, what is the first thing that you do when you come across a new word? Well, you probably ignore them, as does the majority of the populace.

And then what happens. You’re suddenly faced with a big task: a long list of complex words to master to do well on the GRE.

Have you ever wondered what it is about words that really seems uninspiring for most of you? Simple. The very knowledge that you aren’t aware of those words. The indolence lies not in learning a new word, but in having to fish out a dictionary (app), search for the word, and finally look up the meaning of that word.

Well! Fret not! There are fun ways to learn words and develop your vocabulary.

How best can you break a word and come up with the meanings? Use the word ingredients (roots, prefixes, suffixes) to find out the meanings of words.

How well do you know your roots? Well, root words definitely help you learn words in a quicker and easier way. Work on root words and the payoff will be great!

word-wheelWORD WHEEL
Once you’ve learned a word, don’t stop. Prod your brain and put your newly improved vocabulary to test. Find out how many words you can come up with, and create a word wheel of your own. A word of caution: Ensure these words have similar meanings or have a common root word

Ever tried mounting the dictionary on your wall? As you learn new words, you will notice that there may be words, which you may not be able to retain easily. No problem! Use colorful sticky notes to write out the words with their meanings on it. Ensure you stick these notes in a place that grabs your attention.

Have you ever tried alliterating with words?
Alliterations are always fun ways to progress your way through vocabulary. You could use alliterations for words that confuse you. Make up a rhyme to remember that word and its meaning.

There are numerous fun ways to learn vocabulary & make it interesting. Your creativity is bound only by the boundaries you bound yourself by!

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