How To Apply For Universities Abroad – Beginner’s Guide

While a good score in your entrance exam is important, so is the selection of colleges which are the best fit for you. A lot of aspirants procrastinate the selection process and lose out superb opportunities. The options are overwhelming and if you delay until the last moment, it would become complicated and exhausting. Many students go through this struggle every year, so we have composed a step by step guide to preparing them.

5 Simple Steps To Apply For Universities Abroad

  1. Pick your discipline carefully
    The discipline you choose will earn your bread and butter for the rest of your life. So, the wrong decision now would haunt you forever. The specialty you choose should be from your areas of interest. Deep-dive into the subject-matter for a few hours to make sure your interest is sincere. This will also make sure that the course content is consistent with what you envisioned. Also, research thoroughly on the future prospects of your preferred area of expertise.
  2. Decide your destination
    You might have already decided the country/city where you want to move and study. But before finalizing, explore the academic scholarships offered by different countries, the cost of living in different cities, and also the facilities available and languages spoken. If you want to work there after your education, then research the job prospects, government policies, and visa regulations of the country as well.
  3. Match your discipline to your destination
    After finalizing the above two, find out the universities which offer your preferred courses at your desired destinations. The curriculum and course content might vary significantly in different universities. Institutes offer integrated courses or dual degree courses. Shortlist those courses which are most relevant to you.
  4. Find out the ranking of your University
    Different credible organizations have their ranking systems with their diverse matrices and techniques. Strong faculty, teaching environment, staff-to-student ratio, educational performance, entrepreneurial competencies, academia-industry interface, infrastructure, and global collaboration are some parameters used for evaluation by these organizations. The longest established and renowned rankings are published by:
    1. Shanghai Ranking Consultancy
    2. Times Higher Education
    3. Quacquarelli Symonds
  5. Find experiences of Indian students studying at your favoured destination
    Connect with alumni as well as current students of your preferred institute over LinkedIn or some other social networking portal. You can inquire about the academics, environment at the institute, job-prospects, and other challenges they might have faced during their visit.

Follow this process, and shortlist the universities which are a worthy fit for you. With the right scores, you can get to your desired destination.

All the Best!


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