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Are you Applying for a Study Visa in Germany?

GERMANY, one of the top preferred destinations to study in Europe is backed by great educational infrastructure and beautiful cities. From a studious campus life to the dazzling nightlife, Germany is a perfect index1place to study and socialize.  A student’s life in Germany is quite exciting and offers a number of promising courses that can help them to boost their careers. One of the economically strong countries of Europe, Germany is a place where one can get a number of career opportunities to grow.

GermanyIf you are a student planning to study in Germany then you should plan well before leaving your own place. Planning a student’s visa is a task wherein one needs to fill and submit the visa application at least three months before the visit. Usually, a visa application process takes around eight to twelve weeks, therefore; it is advised to submit the visa application process form before so that there is no delay in the trip.


Things-to-ConsideraThings to consider before applying for a Student Visa in Germany:

Start planning your trip to Germany and submit the Visa Application Form as early as possible to avoid any delay in receiving the visa.
●    It is suggested to check the Student Visa requirements with the German Embassy (students can check their official website).
●    Avoid submission of forged documents or incomplete forms as they can reject the application.

visa-documentsDocuments required for the visa application are:

1.     A complete visa application form, filled by the applicant.
2.     A valid passport
3.     Two photographs
4.     Letter of Acceptance from the German University
5.     Transcript of your Academic records
6.     A certificate of German Language proficiency or a proof stating that the applicant will be attending a language course in Germany.
7.     Proof of your funds, stating you have sufficient funds to support your living in Germany.
8.     Certificate showing your purchase of Health Insurance


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