7 Most Common GMAT Mistakes that Students Make: How to Avoid Them

Making mistakes on the GMAT Exam can be very disheartening. But there is indeed a workaround. Find out the 7 most common mistakes that students make on the GMAT Exam and how to avoid them in the future.

Not planning out a study program for GMAT Prep 

The first and most important step towards GMAT Exam prep is to have a study plan. How and when are you going to study? How long per day? To make this study program work, you need to set a tentative test date/month. Without a plan, the focus is lost and haywire study schedules make way for nervousness and unnecessary tension.

Not taking mock tests intermittently to monitor one’s progress 

All the hard work we put in towards any task should be put into the test for the results. And the only way to check this would be to take mock tests in between. In fact, your GMAT prep should commence with a diagnostic test taken to understand your current level of performance and knowledge of questions. The best test to evaluate this would be the GMAT online prep free test provided by GMAC. Tests ought to be taken once a fortnight at first and then gradually once a week. It is wrong to think that ‘once I perfect all concepts, I shall take mock tests continuously for a week before my actual exam”. DON’T do this.

Not letting go of one’s EGO

It is just the 5th question on the GMAT! How can I not know how to solve it!! 2 minutes gone by… Wait… let me think, it’s got to be between C and D! 4 minutes gone by… I can’t guess at this point in time!!!! Let me try it all over again… just one more time! 6 minutes gone by…. Ego catching on! Questions on the GMAT are made to a certain level of difficulty. Questions could be experimental too. You have to respect a challenging question and give up when it’s taking that much time! You need to complete the test. It’s very dangerous to spend so much time on ONE question just because it’s the 5th! There are many more waiting to be conquered. All is not lost.

Loading one’s head with too much information

You cannot load too much on the head. The scratchpad has to be used. This assists clear thinking organizes work and gets you the right way to do questions. Practice using the note board from the start of your GMAT Prep.

Losing focus because of overconfidence

You should be confident but never surrender to overconfidence. That shatters all the good work done. You know the solution to the question, yet in the nick of the moment, a careless casual approach does the doom! You cannot afford to get a question wrong due to negligence and lack of focus. Keep your confidence strong and approach every question with calm composure.

Abandoning strategies and techniques midway

The approaches and strategies are all tested and WILL work till the end. Don’t give them up halfway through a question. You tend to start selecting the correct answer because that looks or feels the best and forget that you are supposed to keep it accurate and error-free. Selecting does not work. Eliminating by identifying the reason to do so works.

Just taking tests and not analyzing their performance in each of them 

It is sure a good idea to take tests to check performance progress, but analysis and review of each test will make way for perfection. An error log maintained will help understand the questions you do make frequent mistakes in and working on the errors by practicing will reduce the number of errors in the next test. Test analysis plays a significant role in your performance graph.

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