7 Effective Tips for SAT Math Preparation


Do you get excited when you encounter an algebraic formula? When someone asks you to find the area of a triangle, does your heart skip a beat? Do you look forward to your 8 a.m. math lesson, hoping for a pop quiz on angles or percentages from your teacher? Do you enjoy working through practice problems in order to improve your Math SAT score?

Probably not.

The very thought of solving and learning plenty of theorems, formulas probably puts you in a quagmire and even the mention of SAT math is likely to make you doubt yourself.

The Heart of Algebra, Data Analysis, and Problem Solving are the four content areas in which the SAT math section is divided. To help you cover all the content areas effectively, listed below are the top 7 preparation tips to make math more approachable for every student.
But before we jump to all tips and techniques, let us understand why you should take the preparation seriously.


Why Should You Aim for A High Math Score?

Aim for a high Math Score

If you struggle with reading and writing, your main focus should be on improving your Math SAT score. It will assist you in getting into your dream college/University or provide you with a variety of school possibilities, particularly if your other college admission requirements are good.
Another reason to do well on the Math component is that certain technical institutions are selective, admitting only the best students, particularly if the major is Math, Physics, Statistics, or other Science and quantitative related courses. And to name a few, MIT, Harvard, Carnegie Mellon, and Princeton are some of the top universities for which you need some serious SAT Math preparation tips.

Top 7 Useful Tips are as follows:


1. Attempt Every Question

1. Attempt Every Question

You’ve been taught your entire academic career that you should always answer EVERY question on EVERY test, even if it means guessing and praying that the math gods are looking down on you. Finish the full math section to ensure you get as many accurate answers as possible, and guess wisely if you don’t know the answer. This will allow you to focus your energy on the questions you know you can answer correctly.

So how will you identify which question to answer first? Well, the test is designed, starting with easy questions and ending with difficult ones.

Technically, students should start with easy questions so that they can spare more time on difficult questions as they are the trickiest ones and an individual should incorporate some extra techniques in their preparation to solve such questions on time as it is a time bound exam.


2. Change Your Attitude About Math

2. Change Your Attitude About Math

The SAT math test may appear challenging. However, regardless of your previous arithmetic experience, you should know that all brains have the ability to succeed in math. The power of your brain is strengthened via practice and effort. You will get better and better every day if you persevere. Begin practicing right away and don’t stop until you’ve achieved sufficient improvement. Motivated practice is essential. With a little perseverance, you will be able to attain the desired result.


3. Use Simple Tricks

3. Use Simple Tricks

Here’s a classic and an effective tip to prepare for SAT Math. The test is primarily a multiple-choice format. What does this imply for you personally? The correct answer is right in front of you; it’s up to you to narrow down the options!

Pick a value and plug it in to check which of the five answer options fits the bill instead of trying to construct a bunch of equations and solve a big tangle of variables. You should apply this method if the solution choices in percent problems are all percentages, the answer choices in word problems are all algebraic expressions or variables, or the problem says “in terms of.”


4. Choose the Resources Wisely

4. Choose the Resources Wisely

The fact that there are plenty of resources to study from the students can choose according to their study techniques or what suits every individual best can be a big advantage. A good prep book can help you a lot But, make sure your SAT practice materials aren’t outdated while you are selecting them. To avoid this, find out what skills and topics are included on the new SAT. One of the benefits of this strategy is that you have complete control over what you need to learn and when you need to study it. You can solve as many mock tests as you want and work on your gaps accordingly.

Now, while this approach is helpful and self-study is the best way but some more techniques or if you want some expert help you can always enroll yourselves in an Online SAT Preparation. The tutors can train you in the best way possible and you can monitor your progress on the basis of feedback provided by them and work your gap areas and make a study plan accordingly, the sessions can also be tailor-made according to your study approach. However, you must first ensure that this tutor is a true expert who is well-versed in the SAT Math test’s intricacies.

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5. Test Yourself With Simulated Tests

5. Test Yourself With Simulated Tests

You can always take a full-length practice test if you think you are ready for the exam, especially the SAT math section. These mock tests will help you identify your weak areas and learn from your mistakes. But under no circumstance should you cheat on these mock tests and attend them with utmost seriousness. Every individual should try and simulate the real test situations as much as possible and as SAT is a time-bound exam you will have to work on your time management and the practice tests will help you in learning time management skills and the more you attend the more your speed and skills will increase.


6. Math Language and Algebra

6. Math Language and Algebra

There was an old-time when you can throw in all types of symbols to solve a question, it would be easy to solve a trick question by using back solving and picking numbers but SAT math questions can become more confusing for you to solve. The thing about math is that without learning the fundamental concepts and or more like without learning the “math language” the tricky questions will literally haunt you and moreover letters are complicated than numbers to add.

And if you really want to score well in the math section learning the math language is quite literally the key for effective preparation because they will test your understanding and knowledge by featuring phrases. For instance, Sum, more than = add, Product, of, times = multiplication, Integer = numbers without fractions or decimals (…-2, -1, 0, 1, 2…) and so on.


7. Memorize the Formulas and Practice Some Mental Tricks

7. Memorize the Formulas and Practice Some Mental Tricks

One of the most crucial recommendations for SAT math preparation is to memorize math formulas. This will save you time and make the real test less stressful. Since the geometry formulae have already been provided, you should concentrate on learning algebra and trigonometry formulas. To see if you’ve truly mastered them, try using them in your practice tests.

You are more likely to ‘see’ a solution if you memorize them effectively. If you notice “parallel lines” on the XY coordinate plane, for example, keep in mind that “no solution” and “identical slope” are common answers to this type of question. You’ll be able to go through the part more precisely and effectively if you can spot solutions soon. These common kinds of mental tricks will definitely help you save some time.

Final Takeaway

Now that you know what to expect, mastering the math section shouldn’t be as daunting. You’ll be on your road to SAT success if you follow these 7 effective SAT math preparation tips and of course not without a common practice which is the process of elimination.




Ques1. What kind of math is on SAT?

The Heart of Algebra, Passport to Advanced Math, and Problem Solving and Analysis sections account for 90% of the questions. Additional Topics make up the remaining 10%. Geometry, trigonometry, and problems with complex numbers are among the topics covered.

Ques2. Is it possible for a student to prepare for the SAT on their own?

Self-study, an online prep class, or a tutoring program are all options for students who want to prepare for the SAT. There are also a variety of student resources available, such as mock tests, prep books, and so on. But an expert help always goes a long way the tutors can help you prepare in an organized way. Hence if you can, then you should take expert guidance.

Ques3. What is the highest ever SAT score?

The SAT has a maximum score of 1600. To attain this score, you must get an 800 on all three sections of the test: reading, writing, and math.


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