7 Attributes That Define a Good Study Abroad Consultant


Education is one of the most potent weapons that a person may have. After all, it is believed that the educated person is the wealthiest of all. Education has become a must for all in current times in order to thrive and sustain oneself. It is also regarded as one of the most efficient methods of self-empowerment. In this regard, there is a growing demand for greater job prospects and a competitive attitude in the educational field.

Studying abroad for higher education is becoming increasingly popular. However, not every student is lucky enough to receive the necessary supervision and financial resources. Some of India’s leading education advisors are offering valuable study abroad career counselling to help alleviate such a dilemma.

But identifying a good study abroad consultant can be a quagmire. Hence to help you identify the same we have listed 7 qualities of a fine study abroad consultant.


1. Strong Communication Skills

Strong Communication Skills

The first and foremost quality of a straightforward and sharp education consultant is strong communication skills. The person should have exemplary communication skills so that he or she can tell you what is best for you after taking your concerns into account. Furthermore, he or she will be patient and understanding as you make your decision about which study destination, university or course is best for you according to your requirements.


2. Impassioned About Students and Their Education

Impassioned About Students and Their Education

Your education consultant should be enthusiastic about students’ education and work for your welfare. His or her knowledge cannot be restricted to a single subject or course. Whether or if educating the youth is his/her passion might be deduced from the advice that he/she gives you. The rate at which a consultant responds to a student’s problem is one of the many qualities of a good education consultant, hence a passionate consultant would help you resolve your concern on time.


3. Knows Various Languages

Knows Various Languages

The ideal education consultant will be familiar with popular languages so that they can better help their students. Knowing the languages of the nations where he or she is offering admission assistance is required because it will make communication with students and their parents simpler. A study abroad consultant who is fluent in several languages is also familiar with a variety of cultural backgrounds, this way they will understand a student along with his needs in a better way.

4. Advice on University/Course Selection

Advice on University/Course Selection

An overseas education consultant will not only help you in documentation or paperwork or with your visa for that matter but will understand you and your needs to help you suggest a best-suited university or course because as a student you must have a desire to study in a top abroad university to receive a degree in your chosen field. But only in the company of a professional can that dream come true. A competent overseas education consultant should offer you all of the required information about the university/college of your choice, as well as suggest all of the names of those universities, taking into account your financial situation.


5. Stay Relevant

Stay Relevant

A study abroad consultant should make it a point to keep up with the most recent immigration policy changes. In Australia, for example, the Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) Act safeguards overseas students’ rights. In addition, the Tuition Protection Service offers overseas students a refund and placement service. There are many more policies like this.

Immigration rules and restrictions can change over time, depending on the host country’s economic conditions and policies. Because of their lower populations, countries like Australia and New Zealand experience this more frequently. A successful overseas consultant will make sure they know everything there is to know about these laws. They should be able to provide timely guidance and deal with difficulties without difficulty.


6. Experience and Qualification

Experience and Qualification

The study abroad consultants should have a lot of knowledge and credentials. While a master’s degree is demanded of certain education consultants, it is not a prerequisite for all of them.

Nevertheless, Students, desire to work with someone who has a lot of expertise and qualifications. They want to deal with someone who has been there before and can offer objective guidance rather than personal opinions. For instance, the person will be able to assist international students in acquiring international scholarships, will be knowledgeable about admissions and the processes, will be knowledgeable about education in the United States or any other country, will be knowledgeable about MBA abroad or MS admission, and will be knowledgeable about how to manage study abroad.


7. Having the Right Tools at Work

Having the Right Tools at Work

Although there has always been a debate about whether the technology that we have today is a boon or bane for us, we can all agree that technology plays a significant part in how we manage our time and resources in today’s environment and with technology come better ways and better techniques to manage the resources. An ideal study abroad consultant will also use the most up-to-date technologies for quick communication, follow-ups, and information gathering, all of which will help a student enrol in their selected university faster.



All in all, choosing the right education consultant is as important as choosing the right study abroad university, hence make sure your consultant is properly trained and has all the required information and actually focuses on your needs. If you have the right assistance, your study abroad experience should be at your ease and painless from the application process to documentation to the visa services. Everything should be at your ease.

Thus, Next time whenever you look for an efficient overseas education consultant, keeping these considerations in mind will undoubtedly assist you in finding the best education consultant.


Frequently Asked Questions


Ques1. When should a student start their study abroad procedure?

There is no ideal time to start your study abroad procedures, hence we would recommend you to start it as soon as possible. This will allow you to ponder on your interests and conduct study in accordance with your personal and academic aims and objectives. Location, course duration, prices, lodging, and living circumstances are just a few of the key factors to consider as you plan your program.

Ques2. What if a student can not afford to study overseas?

While we can all agree on the fact that most of the students are not able to pursue their higher studies from abroad because of their financial conditions, there are plenty of universities that provide scholarships to international students. Because scholarships are competitive, you will need to demonstrate great academic accomplishment to be considered for one. For detailed information, you can take assistance from the study abroad consultants.

Ques3. Is it important to hire an overseas education consultant?

While you can apply to a university or college directly, you may prefer to enlist the help of an international education consultant to assist you in selecting the correct university or college and enrolling. Using a reputable and accredited agent can help alleviate the burden of the whole procedure.


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