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Choosing an AP Program gives you an opportunity to enhance your problem-solving skills and enables you to get academically prepare for college/university level study while still in high school. The course makes you work towards your college success as it gives you an experience of joining a particular class and increases your credibility to meet the challenges at college/university level.

Key Benefits of preparing for AP program

•    Measures your mastery of university-level course content
•    Gives you a head-start on university preparation
•    Enhances your credibility to meet the academic challenges
•    Gives a rigorous workout to your mind thus improvising your study skills
•    Increases your college level academic skills

Let us have a look at the list of AP programs offered at Manya-The Princeton Review

•    English Language and Composition
•    Biology (alternating years)
•    Chemistry (alternating years)
•    Environmental Science
•    Physics C (Mechanics) and Physics 1
•    Calculus AB
•    Calculus BC
•    Statistics
•    Computer Science A


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