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About ACT

American College Testing, or ACT as it is more generally known, is a standardised examination administered by the non-profit ACT to determine the readiness of students seeking admission to universities. The ACT examination, which was introduced as an alternative to the SAT, is widely accepted by universities in the United States and Canada. The ACT is a computer-based exam in which students have to answer multiple-choice questions in English, Mathematics, Reading, and Science. The ACT Writing Test is optional and has no impact on the candidates’ overall score.

Indian students who want to study in the United States or Canada can take the ACT Exam. Before taking the exam, students should verify with their selected college/university to see what the exam qualification criteria are. To avoid any last-minute bother, candidates should verify the registration deadlines and apply early.

The ACT exam is administered in cities across the country. Candidates must register for the ACT exam online and pay an ACT Registration Fee in order to take the exam. Candidates are recommended to study many ACT Sample papers for their advantage in order to perform well in their ACT exam. Candidates should expect their ACT results to be available within 8 weeks of the exam date.

  • Multiple-choice scores are usually available within two weeks, but it might take up to eight weeks at times.
  • Writing results are usually released two weeks following multiple-choice scores.
  • The ACT results are valid for 5 years from the date of the exam.


ACT Exam Dates in India

In locations such as the US and US territories, Canada, Puerto Rico, the ACT test is administered on seven test dates. However, in other locations like India, there are six dates allotted for the ACT. Check the details on the official website for ACT.

From September 2018, ACT is administered as a computer-based test for all the international examinees. Post-September 2018, the paper version of the ACT is not available for students outside the USA.

Test Date Registration with Late Fee Late Registration Deadline
11 & 12 Feb’22 28 Jan’22 14 Jan’22
01& 02 April’22 18 March’22 4 March’22
10 & 11 June’22 27 May’22 13 May’22
16 & 17 July’22 1 July’22 17 June’22

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Late Fee Applicable

For each of the two days within a testing window, there will be morning and afternoon sessions offered. Session availability may vary by the test centre.The list of test centres that have the technical capability to deliver the computer-based ACT, along with a few new commercial testing centres were made official and public to Indian students.Things to consider while choosing the ACT Test Date

  • You must prefer scheduling the ACT test post-sophomore (after 10th Standard) year as by then you would get well acquainted with the concepts of Algebra and Geometry, which form a major part of the ACT curriculum. However, in case you wish to take the test before 10th standard, you can definitely take a shot as long as you are able to master the additional concepts.
  • Before finalising the exam date, you must ensure that you are thorough with the admission and scholarship deadlines. Your ACT score report should be ready at least a few days before the deadline. For that to happen, ideally, you must start preparing for ACT a year before the deadline and choose a test date at least a couple of months before the application deadline.
  •  The important thing you must remember is that you must schedule the exam date only when you have ample time to focus on the test and test prep. You should avoid scheduling it while being preoccupied with summer jobs or extracurricular activities.
  • It is recommended that you don’t take the test more than three times.

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