Eligibility Criteria for ACT 2022


What is ACT?

ACT is one of the most popular college readiness assessment tests for college admission in the US. The exam only measures your college readiness if you are a high school student. As per the ACT guidelines, there are no eligibility criteria to take the ACT. However, you need to have proficiency in the English language to fetch a decent score.


What are the Eligibility Criteria for ACT?

As discussed above there are no particular criteria for the ACT, however, here are some of the facts you need to know before applying to the ACT.

  • As per the ACT, anyone can apply for the test irrespective of age and academic grade level; students in grades 6, 7, 8 and 9, can also apply for the ACT exam in addition to high school graduates.
  • ACT does not ask for any particular criteria, however, you need to check the eligibility criteria asked by the respective institutions/colleges you are applying to.
  • You must also know that the ACT test score is accepted for college admission in the US and is usually taken by high school graduates of age 13 and above.
  • You should take the test at least two months before the application deadlines of the institutions as this will help you submit your ACT scores on time. As the scores for the ACT are normally reported two–eight weeks after your test date.


Facts About ACT

  • The ACT test is a curriculum-based exam that evaluates what the student has learned in school.
  • The ACT test consists of four sections –English, Reading, Mathematics, and Science, in addition to an optional 40-minute writing test.
  • The test scores are used by all four-year colleges and universities in the United States to supplement a candidate’s high school records, recommendation letters and other qualifications for undergraduate-level study.
  • You need to have complete high school-level knowledge to take the ACT exam.  The test is conducted six times a year in the US, US territories, Puerto Rico and Canada. And In is held on five test dates in the rest of the countries.
  • You must also note that the ACT exam pattern does not have any negative markings. So no worries! You can take a chance on guessing the answers.

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