The New SAT

This March 2016 the SAT witnessed its biggest change in 30 years! The New SAT debuted on March 5, 2016 in the US, and on May 7, 2016 it has been administered for the first time in India.

The SAT has undergone a revision in terms of structure and content. 



WHY the change? Here’s the College Board’s version!

The New SAT:

  • Closely aligned to challenging classroom work
  • Focuses on a few things that are crucial for college and career readiness
  • Is not just a test but also an instructional experience that benefit students' academic and professional lives.


WHAT are the changes? A quick look!

  • Vocabulary in Context (VIC) – focus on meanings of words in context instead of mere meanings
  • Command of Evidence – find evidence in support of answers
  • Essay will be optional – choose this option with CARE*
  • Essay analyzing a source – evaluate use of evidence and rhetoric by the author/speaker
  • Math that Matters Most  --  foundational math skills are more important
  • Math with and without calculator – only one of the two Math sections allows use of calculator
  • Problems grounded in real-world contexts – charts and graphs in reading and writing; wordy Math problems!
  • Analysis in Science and in History/Social Studies – not only passages but also Math questions come under this category
  • Great Global Conversation and US Founding Documents – focus on critical events in US & World history/ literature, key events related to American Independence & Constitution
  • NO penalty for wrong answers! – Hurray! No more losing points for guessing incorrectly

*will need to be taken if required by a college for your course! We recommend that you take the SAT with Essay.

Why Manya- The Princeton Review?

Manya-The Princeton Review has 34 years of SAT expertise, has successfully handled the Big Change in SAT in 2005, and is geared to handle the 2016 change!

NO ONE ELSE can offer a comprehensive course for the new SAT in the way we can!!! Our New SAT test prep offerings are backed by 36 months’ of intensive and painstaking research by The Princeton Review team!!!

A quick look at the changes:

  Old SAT New SAT
Sections 3 sections
  • Math
  • Critical Reading
  • Writing
2 sections
  • Math
  • Evidence-based Reading and Writing
Essay Mandatory Optional
  • Section scores 200-800
  • Total score 2400
  • Essay score included in Writing score
  • Section scores 200-800
  • Total score 1600
  • Separate score for essay
Penalty and answer choices
  • 1/4 point for each incorrect  answer in multiple choice questions
  • 5 answer choices per question
  • No penalty  for incorrect answers
  • 4 answer choices per question
Reading and Writing
  • Reading passages draw from social sciences, humanities, and literature
  • Vocabulary tested via sentence completion questions
  • Reading passages will be from significant historical  or scientific documents, and may include informational graphics
  • Passages will include complex structure and vocabulary in context
  • Passage based grammar including punctuation
  • Arithmetic
  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Calculator permitted in all Math sections
  • Arithmetic
  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Trigonometry
  • Some no-calculator sections
Students speak VIDEOS



  • Sunaina Martin | ID: WHT1415A00009E070001| University of Pennsylvania, USA

  • Priyanshi | ID: LKT1415P00018E070005| University of Pennsylvania, USA

  • Agrima | ID: STX1415A00009E060002 | New York University, USA

  • Shounak Ray | ID: SBR1415A00009E070001| Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

  • Shreeya Aggarwal | ID: MDP1415A00009E100001| Georgia Institute of Technology, USA


  • Aditya Chatterjee | SAT Score 1550 /1600 | Manya ID SBR161704E00056

  • Aashay Arora | SAT Score 1420/1600 | Manya ID RJG151603E00005

  • Mohanpreet | SAT Score 1430/1600 | Manya ID RJG151603E00017

  • Manasi Pardeshi | SAT Score 1410/1600 | Manya ID STX151610E00012

  • Sai Tanay | SAT Score 1420/1600 | Manya ID I HNR161704E00014

  • Adithya Narasimhan | SAT Score 1470/1600 | Manya ID JNR151603E00072

  • Urvashi Singh | SAT Score 1470/1600 | Manya ID CHD161706E00045

  • Harmandeep Singh | SAT Score: 1480/1600 | Manya ID CHD161706E00094

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