New SAT Changes We are already on it

The SAT is undergoing its biggest change in 30 years. The New SAT will make its debut in March 2016 and impact students in the class of 2017 or younger.

The content on the New SAT will be very similar to what is on the ACT. The major difference is in how the concepts are tested and the steps students will have to take to solve problems correctly. Students will have to reason their way through this exam by tackling problems in a linear and sequential fashion; a student’s ability to process information quickly will be key.

Why is it changing?

  • Closely aligned to challenging classroom work, the test will focus on the few things that matter most for college and career readiness.
  • Practice for the redesigned SAT is not just test preparation — it is an instructional experience that will benefit students' academic and professional lives.

Key content changes

  • Relevant Words in Context - Students may be more familiar with some of the vocabulary tested, but they will need to know multiple definitions of those words.
  • Command of Evidence - Questions will require multiple steps to get an answer.
  • Essay - no more mandatory.
  • Math that Matters Most - Foundational math skills will be more important.
  • No Penalty for Wrong Answers
  • There will be only 4 answer choices instead of 5.
  • No more Sentence Completion questions

Why take SAT now?

  • Take the current test with abundant practice material available with us
  • Don’t think about the new SAT, invest your time in preparing other aspects of your application
  • Take the known test with a clear target score. You won’t be able to set a target score till May 2016 as College Board will not make scores and concordance available earlier than May 2016 for the Redesigned SAT
  •  Admissions offices will continue to accept current SAT scores even in  fall 2017

Test takers for fall 2018, and those who want to take a shot at the Redesigned SAT will have a Manya-The Princeton Review’s  new SAT course coming their way soon. We help students with the right prep and guaranteed score improvements. Whether it is the current SAT or the new SAT, both will reward accuracy and speed.  Test strategies are essential to get higher scores!

The Princeton Review is a US based company that has more than thirty years’ history of preparing students for college through proven test prep methodologies for standardized tests including the SAT. Manya-The Princeton Review offers a range of prep options, from in-class instruction to tutoring options, along with online tools such as video lessons and practice exams. The courses are taught by expert instructors who know the test inside and out.

Our methodologies that focus on teaching strategies to crack the test enable us to offer a guarantee that students who prep with us will surely improve their score.  Students always get an edge with the SAT test prep offered by  Manya-The Princeton Review.

A quick look at the changes:

  Current SAT New SAT
Sections 3 sections
  • Math
  • Critical Reading
  • Writing
2 sections
  • Math
  • Evidence-based Reading and Writing
Essay Mandatory Optional
  • Section scores 200-800
  • Total score 2400
  • Essay score included in Writing score
  • Section scores 200-800
  • Total score 1600
  • Separate score for essay
Penalty and answer choices
  • -1/4 point for each incorrect  answer in multiple choice questions
  • 5 answer choices per question
  • No penalty  for incorrect answers
  • 4 answer choices per question
Reading and Writing
  • Reading passages draw from social sciences, humanities, and literature
  • Vocabulary tested via sentence completion questions
  • Reading passages will be from significant historical  or scientific documents, and may include informational graphics
  • Passages will include complex structure and vocabulary in context
  • Passage based grammar including punctuation
  • Arithmetic
  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Calculator permitted in all Math sections
  • Arithmetic
  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Trigonometry
  • Some no-calculator sections
Students speak   VIDEOS

When I enrolled for the SAT prep course at Manya-The Princeton Review, I thought I would do it just for fun; I did not have any serious plan. The faculty gave me one-to-one individual attention and clarified my doubts. How in three weeks they took me from a 1800 to a 2390 is something only they can answer! I am so indebted to them. Anyone who is thinking of taking the SAT needs to do some preparation at Manya-The Princeton Review.  Thank You
Priyanka Sethy

In a whirlwind of college essays, applications and co-curricular activities in my senior year, the support provided by Manya-The Princeton Review's staff was a lifesaver. The rigorous diagnostic tests got me ready to face any kind of question on the test day. Simply put, the fact that my score improved 760 points proves that they know what they are doing, and they are certainly doing it well! Thank You
Madhav Dutt

I was still preparing for the SAT when I first spoke to my counselor, and that day onwards my whole approach towards the application process changed. Her professional attitude towards my admission helped me submit all my applications on time.
Thank You

Archit Sharma

The optimistic environment along with a realistic approach at Manya – The Princeton Review made me opt for their SAT, TOEFL & Admission Counseling Services.
Thank You
Pallak Bhandari

Princeton Review was very helpful in my preparation for the SAT, in which I scored 2350. My essays prior to these classes were mediocre, but the feedback I got during the mock tests allowed me to lift my essay ...
Thank You
Sriram Baireddy

I am very pleased with what Princeton Review achieved with my daughter Priyanka. At the outset before Priyanka was introduced to your program she was a little apprehensive about her approach to the SAT exam. Mr...
Thank You
Priyanka Sethy

The optimistic environment along with a realistic approach at Manya – The Princeton Review made me opt for their SAT, TOEFL & Admission Counseling Services.
Thank You
Pallak Bhandari



  • Priyanshi
    Manya ID: LKT1415P00018E070005
    University of Pennsylvania
    Fall 2015
  • Shreeya Aggarwal
    Manya ID: MDP1415A00009E100001
    Georgia Institute of Technology
    Fall 2015
  • Shounak Ray
    Manya ID: SBR1415A00009E070001
    Georgia Institute of Technology
    Fall 2015
  • Agrima
    Manya ID: STX1415A00009E060002
    New York University
    Fall 2015
  • Sunaina Martin
    Manya ID: WHT1415A00009E070001
    University of California, Los Angeles
    Fall 2015
  • Shreeya Arora
    Manya ID: STX1415A00027E110001
    Indiana University Bloomington
    Fall 2015


  • Arnav Aggarwal | SAT Score 2360/2400 | Manya ID STX1415S00001E110002
  • Sriram Baireddy | SAT Score 2350/2400 | Manya ID MDP1213S00005E030009
  • Madhav Dutt | SAT Score 2340/2400 | Manya ID STX1213S00001E050008
  • Rachana | SAT Score 2340/2400 | Manya ID H-I1314S00005E080003
  • Vrshank | SAT Score 2310/2400 | Manya ID ADR1213S00005E120003
  • Jeevan Priya | SAT Score 2310/2400 | Manya ID HNR1112A00010E110002
  • Akshara Anirjita | SAT Score 2170/2400 | Manya ID STX1314S00150E030005
  • Meera | SAT Score 2160/2400 | Manya ID PNJ1314S00017E030003
  • Natashaa Arora | SAT Score 2140/2400 | Manya ID MVM1415S00017E120001
  • Milan S Bidare | SAT Score 2140/2400 | Manya ID B-I1415S00021E050004
  • Saloni Wadhwa | SAT Score 2120/2400 | Manya ID B-I1415S00021E050003
  • Aarushi Aggarwal | SAT Score 2120/2400 | Manya ID D-I1314S00005E100004
  • Vidushri Singhal | SAT Score 2100/2400 | Manya ID D-I1314S00005E100010
  • PRASANNA KUMAR | SAT Score 2100/2400 | Manya ID SBR1415S00018E040001
  • SHALINI MUKHERJEE | SAT Score 2100/2400 | Manya ID SBR1415A00009E060002
  • Aditya Chakraborthy | SAT Score 2100/2400 | Manya ID KMG1415S00017E070001