Survey Reveals International Students Still Plan to Study in Germany

According to a survey conducted by Fintiba, almost three in four prospective students seeking to study in Germany are ‘very likely’ to go there despite the uncertainty due to the Covid-19 outbreak and the temporary travel restrictions attached to it.

The survey which was conducted between April 22 and May 12, sought responses from 350 students from 66 countries about their future study plans in Germany. This also included those students who wanted to come for the summer semester in March/April 2020 but couldn’t travel, as well as students for the semester starting this autumn.

83% of students said that their plans had been affected due to Covid-19. But on the other hand, 73% of the students indicated they were very likely to go to Germany. Further, 68% are willing to go ‘as soon as possible’. 

Almost a third of students (30%) mentioned they had difficulties acquiring visas as German embassies were not issuing them at that time. While some 11% said that they had delayed their entrance exams. However, despite all the uncertainty, students are ‘quite optimistic and confident about their future’.

A very small percentage of students (5%) are planning to cancel their study plans in Germany or cancelling their travel and are now studying online.

It is not yet clear when the country will open up for international students, and the government plans to extend a travel ban for German nationals to non-European countries until August 31.

Germany continues to attract students from around the world and ranks on top for international students within non-English speaking countries. According to Jonas Marggraf, MD Fintiba, this is because the development of the Coronavirus pandemic was relatively mild in Germany compared to the big English speaking countries like the US and the UK. Safety is the topmost deciding factor for parents and students when it comes to studying abroad.

The survey also found out that around 15% of students had to postpone their studies abroad with the intention of resuming their study plans at a later date.

The start of the winter semester 2020 has been delayed and will start on November 1. Thus, it is expected that many international students will be able to come for their next academic year.

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