GMAT Student's Testimonial


Jaspreet Singh

GMAT: 710/800

Manya ID: CHD161705E00077

I decided that I will take professional help and this led me to join to the Princeton Review. I scored 530 on the diagnostic test. The institute provided me its best teachers who helped me with new and innovative techniques. Their teaching techniques and useful insights helped me to progressively improve my score. Along with providing classroom training both mentors were available online as and when I sought there help. I would like to thank the Princeton Review for helping me achieve this score.


Karan Gogna

GMAT: 710/800

Manya ID: STX1415S00036E030017

Scoring 710 on GMAT wouldn`t have been possible without the support of The Princeton review. Faculty was available all the time even after the course was finished. They constantly helped me in the whole preparation, solved my doubts including the basic ones, provided me with updated study material and motivated me throughout. The answer explanations to the questions help you to overcome your mistakes and learn important concepts. Apart from that, the extra material provided kept my practice going and helped me work on my basics.


Debajyoti Niyogi

GMAT : 710/800

Manya ID: SBR151610E00018

I am extremely thankful to my teachers at The Princeton Review for their guidance throughout the GMAT course. Their explanations during the class made difficult topics easy, their strategies helped save a lot of time during the exam and their friendly attitude made it possible for me to approach them with doubts even outside the class. The full length mock tests and hundreds of drills in the student portal helped me adjust my pacing and ensured that I complete all questions on time. It is clear to me, that without The Princeton Review, it would've been impossible for me to score 700+ in my first attempt. They patiently guided me for eight months and ensured that I get a high score in my GMAT.


Jahnavi Gummadi

GMAT : 730/800

Manya ID: MDP161701E00040

I’m glad that I chose Manya - The Princeton Review for my GMAT preparation. I was comparatively weak in verbal, but the concepts taught in classes proved to be beneficial. I scored 27 in verbal in my first Princeton review test and went on to achieve a 39 in the GMAT. The faculty was quite helpful and cooperative, and I could reach them even after the course duration. The special techniques offered by my teachers aided me to work on my weak points and were very useful in reviewing my progress on a regular basis.



GMAT: 740/800

Manya ID: TNR171807E0122

Achieving the desired score would have been improbable had it not been for my Manya -The Princeton classes. The drills and practice tests available on the online portal were of immense help, not to forget the constant encouragement from the teaching staff. Additionally, the booster sessions performed the crucial task of smoothing over the student’s rough edges and ensuring that all possible concepts are covered. A prospective student only needs to attend the classes with unerring regularity; Manya will take care of the rest!


Kanishak Chauhan

GMAT: 760/800

Manya ID: RJG151610E00001

The trainers at Manya-The Princeton Review are highly competent with vast experience. Their personalized attention and guidance was very important for me in achieving a 760 on the GMAT. The online portal has some excellent content including topic wise lessons and drills. The online computer adaptive practice tests provide a realistic experience of the GMAT. Thorough post-test analysis helps in identifying areas of improvement. After the completion of regular course extra sessions were provided, which were helpful in my preparations. Overall, I had a very pleasant experience with Manya-The Princeton Review and I would surely recommend it to anyone for their GMAT preparation.


Atul Ghiya

GMAT: 710/800

Manya ID: P/1617/04/E/00008

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Manya-The Princeton Review for the excellent coaching which helped me in achieving this feat. I would also like to thank them for their constant support in clearing doubts and providing time saving techniques that helped me to excel in the actual exam.

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