Why Study Abroad Aspirants Must Attend the Virtual Global Admissions Fair’20

If you have made up your mind about studying abroad and are researching the internet recklessly to understand what course to take up; which programme is the best fit for your kind of profile; which universities are the best for your chosen programmes; and if you will be able to afford education abroad or not, then the Virtual Global Admissions Fair’20 is the place you should be in.

This fair will be your opportunity to learn all about course selection, university shortlisting, latest policies & universities’ updates, standardised tests, admission requirements, visa updates, post-study work rights and job opportunities. You can meet representatives from various international universities and learn about admission opportunities to your desired courses at universities in the USA, UK, Canada, Germany, and Australia as well. If you have any doubts or apprehensions about studying abroad, we will help you shed them through our expert guidance. From the comfort of your homes, you can get personalised counselling and application assistance as we will analyse your profile and give you a complete rundown about scholarships and fee waivers.

This is a global event; so, you can consider this as the first step towards your aspiration to overseas education. You can have one-to-one sessions with university representatives and make a detailed study of your own profile and the courses that are best suited to you and also that have immense professional scope after graduating. Since you will be acquiring first-hand information, you need not be anxious about the authenticity and correctness of the information.

What can you expect from the Virtual Global Admissions Fair’20?

Expert Guidance: We will have teams of industry experts and educationists who can guide you in the right direction with respect to studying abroad. You can put forth your questions and get the right set of facts and seasoned perspectives about the available opportunities.

Profile Evaluation: The first step towards your higher studies will be to evaluate your profile and compare it with your career aspirations. You can get clarity on the effects of backlogs or gaps in your academic or professional experience, on your chances of admission. Your programme selection will depend almost entirely on your academic and professional profile which will have to be matched with the university requirements and this entire process surely calls for professional help.

Course Selection: After evaluating your profile, the professionals will help you select the right course. The university representatives will help you gather insights about the courses, accreditations, internships, and placement opportunities to help you make concrete and well-thought-out decisions about your overseas education.

Application Assistance: Getting all your application related documents together is a rather chaotic experience and thus, it is imperative to get some expert assistance. You can also get your eligibility assessed for the desired courses and universities; information of any additional documents that may be required for your particular profile or your particular choice of programme, university, or country. Moreover, if it’s a really lucky day for you, you may also get spot offers from universities, if they deem your profile to be best suited and if you are carrying all the relevant documents.

Scholarships: Check out your chances to avail scholarships or fee waivers. Representatives from the universities will provide you with detailed information on any such provisions which can make your study abroad dream come true. While this information is also available on the respective websites, you get to learn about various universities, all in one place. Plus, the benefit of attending these fairs is you also can get application fee waivers in some cases, which is not possible when you apply by yourself.

Visa Assistance: Industry experts and professionals will also update you on the Visa processes and requirements. They will run you through things which are favourable and things that you should steer away from if you need your visa processed. You will also get the opportunity to loop in on the alumni network and speak to students already studying in the universities abroad. This will help you learn the perspectives of the ‘other side’ as well.

Some of the universities that are likely to participate are: 

From the US: Kent State University, Northeastern University, University of Cincinnati, Colorado State University, Grand Valley State University, Pittsburgh State University, Northern Arizona University

From the UK: Middlesex University – London, Anglia Ruskin University

From Canada: Brock University, Nipissing University

From France: ISC Paris, Audencia Business School, Kedge Business School, Centrale Nantes

From Germany: IUBH University of Applied Sciences

From Italy: MIP Politecnico Di Milano

These are the solid benefits that you could reap while chilling on your living room couch because this whole thing is going to be virtual and you don’t need to travel to the venue in the blistering sun or torrential rains; you can avail all these on one single platform which will help you lay the foundation to building your dreams for the future.

So, if you want to be there on the 26th of July 2020 from 1 pm to 6 pm, please go ahead and register with us.  

For more information, call our Study Abroad Helpline 1800 102 4646


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