UK announces GREAT Scholarships 2024 for Indian students


For all these years, the UK has established itself as a preferred destination for Indian students to further their academic experience. The UK government is aware of the reputation of UK universities and wants to further strengthen its relationship with India. This is done to attract global talent that can create a significant contribution to the academic and lively atmosphere on campus. As part of this, the GREAT Scholarships therefore act as an important initiative in building this relationship ahead.

Furthermore, these financial aids are a hint towards the recognition of Indian students as important assets in the educational sector in the UK. This is also viewed as a deliberate attempt to promote cross-cultural exchange and diversity.

What are the GREAT Scholarships?

The GREAT Scholarships include a partnership between the UK government and UK universities. These are specifically for Indian students who aspire to pursue their higher education in the UK. They provide academic help and financial support to exceptional Indian students for undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

Generally, this grant acts as a symbol of the UK’s determination to provide a platform for global educational encounters. They offer a chance to realize academic aspirations in an international learning space that is wide and vivid, influencing international students eventually in a positive manner.

Although the specifics of each scholarship can vary, students from India receive considerable support to continue their education in UK universities. Applicants are advised to check the websites of both universities and scholarship programs to get the exact details on the GREAT Scholarships and the eligibility criteria for the 2024 academic year as per their choice of program.

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How many scholarships are available?

The UK Government declared a total of 80 for 2024 for Indian students only. These awards go to 40 UK universities with each of them awarding two students each year. In terms of tuition fees, they usually cover the common educational costs that students incur when pursuing their undergraduate or postgraduate courses in the UK. This may be tuition fees, living expenses, accommodation costs, and travel costs. Availing these reduces financial burden and enables access to academic support services, mentorship programs, and networking.

Who is eligible to apply?

To apply for the GREAT Scholarships for 2024, the following eligibility guidelines are generally applicable:

Indian Citizenship

Eligible applicants should be Indians only.

Admission Offer

The interested applicants must have received an offer for either undergraduate or postgraduate courses accordingly from UK universities. Without an offer, the eligibility criteria cannot be fulfilled.

First-Time Study in the UK

The candidates should have had no prior higher studies and never proceeded with their studies in other institutions in the UK.

Academic Pre-requisites

Each university has its admission requirements which applicants should be aware of based on the course of study they apply for.

Other Specific Requirements

Other schools might have additional conditions, for instance, specific educational degrees, language proficiency tests (such as IELTS and TOEFL), leadership qualities, participation in various extracurricular activities, and community involvement.

Satisfying the said prerequisites is vital for competitive application, and applicants should seek information from the relevant organization if needed for more specific information.

How to Apply?

The application procedure may vary across courses and therefore the candidates should look through the steps involved. As a general outline, there are some of the primary requisites for application.

Review Eligibility Criteria

Before applying, students are recommended to verify the eligibility declared by the UK government and the requirements indicated by the host UK universities.

Visit the Scholarship Website

Get explicit information on the website with application guidelines, criteria for eligibility, and the deadline for applying as well as a list of the required documents.

Complete the Application Form

Finish your scholarship online application form correctly, filling in the right data and checking if all information is updated. The application form can have sections for personal info, education history, desired program of study, financial details, and also anything else as specified.

Submit Supporting Documents

Applicants not only have to fill in an application form but also provide their academic records or recommendation letters, along with a personal statement or other papers mentioned in the guidelines.

Pay Attention to Deadlines

Make sure you are aware of the time limit which is usually stated for applications for the given scholarship program. Applications submitted at the eleventh hour and those that fall short of requisite timelines are likely to be ignored.

Await Notification

Once you send the application, it would be good to keep an eye on your mailbox for more information regarding the scholarship program’s decision.

Using these methods and following the guidelines that a scholarship program establishes can give you higher chances to enroll for the GREAT Scholarships in the UK in 2024.

What are the benefits of the GREAT Scholarships?

GREAT Scholarships bring with them multiple advantages to Indian scholars who have been selected to receive them for their undergraduate or postgraduate studies. Besides the provision of financial aid, it also promotes educational support and enhancement.

Financial Support

These grants normally include tuition fees, living costs travel expenses, and accommodation expenses. This economic aid takes care of students’ financial problems and allows them to study stress-free..

Academic Support

Candidates who are given the scholarship are allowed to avail of student services designed by the collaborating schools. This can include mentorship programs, tutoring sessions, academic advising, as well as workshops or seminars focused on unleashing academic skills and knowledge.

Networking Opportunities

This grants access to a network of scholars, faculty members, and industry professionals. These networking events offer a chance to develop strong ties, work on research undertakings together, discover possible career opportunities, and other similar options.

Career Development

This provides facilities for career development which involves job counseling, seminars on resume writing, internship placements, and job fairs where candidates can interact with employers or industry experts.

Membership in Scholar Community

Receiving the GREAT scholarship makes an applicant an integral part of the international community of learners, forming relationships, as well as developing a sense of belonging and fellowship. They can interact and discuss their experiences, contribute to one another’s success, and enjoy cultural and academic engagements.

These advantages are the reasons that Indian applicants who are studying in the UK enjoy a prosperous academic experience and are content with their choice.

Why study in the UK?

The UK is globally recognized for its high-performing academic institutions, which are ranked among the best in the world. However, by choosing to study in the UK, applicants arrive in a new cultural surrounding that promises to gain a broader global perspective.

This financial aid can be a wonderful chance for Indian applicants who wish to study in the UK. Numerous career opportunities and easy application procedures are the main attractions for studying in the UK. So, make sure that you get your research done and take your first step to a brighter future in the UK.


In conclusion, the GREAT Scholarships 2024 announcement for Indian students has become an important event to secure educational links between the United Kingdom and India. Such schemes, indeed, reflect the British government’s determination to encourage the youth to study in one of the world’s best educational hubs and also serve as a stepping stone for them to fulfill their academic dreams.

Students often find themselves struggling with their career choices; the GREAT Scholarships 2024 acts as a support and comes in to provide financial assistance, academic guidance, and a pathway to excellence not only in the UK but also in other parts of the world. They help to explore new places, acquire new knowledge, and open a lot of doors for their professional and personal growth.

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What qualifications do the candidates need to fill in the GREAT scholarship application form?

Indian citizens who apply to and get an offer to study at any university in the UK for 2024 and have applied for a Study visa (Tier 4) are eligible to apply.

Do they have only one scholarship and how many candidates compete for it?

The UK government will provide 80 scholarships to Indian students, which is split across 40 UK universities, with each one allocating two as their contribution.

Is the scholarship fund only to cover tuition or it is inclusive of other fees?

These include the tuition fees, daily expenses, accommodation, and travel costs back and forth from the United Kingdom.

What is the procedure to apply for GREAT Scholarships?

You need to apply and qualify for an offer from among the list of participating UK universities. Further, they can then go ahead to the university’s site and apply for the scholarship.

Do eligible applicants have to meet strict requirements?

Yes, eligibility criteria such as being an Indian citizen, not having prior study abroad experience and meeting the requirements of the course or program applied for are the pre-conditions.

When is the deadline submission date for the GREAT applications?

Deadlines might differ according to the course/program. To ensure accurate deadlines, it is necessary to check the deadlines for applications by each university that is providing the scholarship.

What are the other benefits of this scholarship?

Besides providing financial assistance, they also offer social support and access to academic support, networking possibilities, career counseling, and membership in the GREAT Scholarships India community.

Can we get assistance for this entire process?

Certainly! At Manya – The Princeton Review, we have our expert advisors who will help you navigate the entire application process and assist you in a smoother submission.

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